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Fan The Flame: A Firestorm and Firehawk Love Story

Luke Daab, the most dastardly creative man alive, has done it again! This time he’s created a piece that expertly captures the on-again, off-again romance between Firestorm and Firehawk! And he used my favorite Firehawk costume too! I really enjoy Luke’s cartoonish style on this piece! It helps capture the fun of Firestorm!

You can view this piece in a variety of places: deviantART, Tumblr, Facebook, and Behance. Click the image to enlarge!

Fan The Flame: A Firestorm and Firehawk Love Story by Luke Daab

If you’re not familiar with Luke Daab, he’s an artist, a writer, a musician and a puppeteer. Luke has created artwork for McDonald’s restaurants, Star Wars, DC Comics, Transformers and Kung Fu Panda!

We’ve featured Luke’s fantastic artwork previously – check it out here , here, and here.  Also, thanks to Luke for being such a big supporter of THE FIRE AND WATER PODCAST. If you enjoy Luke’s style, keep up with his work through his website, TwitterdeviantART, Tumblr, Facebook, or Behance.

Support Firestorm (and Luke Daab)! Fan the flame!

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  1. Siskoid says:

    Great piece!

    On another topic – the costume – I think I’m still partial to the original, but that’s just because it premiered very much in the heyday of my Firestorm luv. That second year of Fury of Firestorm was so awesome.

  2. Keith Samra says:

    Nice work bro! Very kool! I can totally see your style translated to animation for a DC Nation short!… Now theres an idea

  3. Ray Tigner says:

    how come it took Luke Daab one beautiful piece of artwork that captures the essence of firestorm is…but dc 13 issues?…

    this would make a wonderful animated short!!! kudos!!!

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