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Robot Chicken DC Comics Special Commentary – FIRE AND WATER #31

Firestorm and Aquaman: The Fire and Water PodcastThe 31st episode of THE FIRE AND WATER PODCAST is now available for your listening pleasure! THE FIRE AND WATER PODCAST is the official podcast of FIRESTORM FAN and THE AQUAMAN SHRINE.

This episode Shag and Rob present a special commentary track for the Robot Chicken DC Comics Special! Watch your copy of the Special while you listen to Rob and Shag discuss behind-the-scenes info (a little) and geek out (a lot)! You can watch the ROBOT CHICKEN DC COMICS SPECIAL online right now by clicking here!

You can find the 31st episode of THE FIRE AND WATER PODCAST on iTunes. While you’re there, please drop us a review on the iTunes page. Every comment helps! Alternatively, you may download the podcast by right-clicking here, choosing “Save Target/Link As”, and selecting a location on your computer to save the file (25 MB).

As always, thanks to my co-host Rob Kelly, Sea King of THE AQUAMAN SHRINE, for doing all the post-production on these episodes! Intro theme, “That Time is Now,” by Michael Kohler. Special thanks to Daniel Adams and his band The Bad Mamma Jammas for our fantastic original closing theme!

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  1. Ryan Daly says:

    Shag, I think from now on you should end every episode of the podcast–if not every blog post–with Firestorm shouting, “Now where the %@&# is B’Dg?!?!”

    My only complaint about your commentary of the episode is that you neglected to credit the actor who voiced the odorous Glenn and the object of Firestorm’s ire, Mister Banjo. They were voiced by Emmy-winner Aaron Paul, one of the star’s of BREAKING BAD.

  2. Keith Samra says:

    The dumb thing is, this hasnt aired in New Zealand, and it wont be released on dvd until afew months down the track…

  3. I laughed so hard when I watched the episode, and then I chuckled all the way through your commentary, thinking of the episode. Gotta go watch it again. Nice commentary, Shag! Entertaining as always.

  4. Ryan Daly says:

    @Keith – Can you purchase it on iTunes? That’s what I did, since I missed it when it aired on television. It might be a bit overpriced for a single television episode, but I think it was worth the $4.99!

  5. Keith Samra says:

    @Ryan I havnt checked yet buddy, but it may not be available to us. Alot of U.S. shows usually ar’nt, or atleast not straight away. Thanks for the suggestion.

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