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Brimstone is soooooo not a Martian Manhunter rogue!

So the other day I was cruising my buddy Frank’s fantastic blog dedicated to the Martian Manhunter, The Idol-Head of Diabolu. Every so often I like to take pity on ole Frank and visit his site. I figure it brightens his day to get a visitor or two. I mean, c’mon, it’s Martian Manhunter. How many people actually read that blog anyway, right?

While there I decided to check out some of his current “SurVILEvor Island” posts, as well as his “Vile Menagerie March Madness” posts. Frank is running a series of polls to determine if you put all the guys who ever fought Martian Manhunter on a Survivor-style island, who would you cast out as not belonging to the group? A neat idea! Also, I figure I could use a good laugh as Frank tees-up some of the lamest super-villains and rogues to ever grace the DC Universe.

It suddenly stopped being funny when I came across the name … “Brimstone”. Excuse me?!?!? Is Frank trying to claim Brimstone as a Martian Manhunter rogue?!?! I don’t think so, you Mars-loving freak! Brimstone is a 100% Grade-A Nuclear Nemesis! If anyone is going to claim Brimstone as their rogue, it’s going to be Firestorm!

Brimstone has clashed with Firestorm on three different occasions, each time battling a different incarnation of the Nuclear Man. The first time they met was during the Legends crossover in The Fury of Firestorm #55 (January 1987). The second time the “Blank Slate” Firestorm and Firehawk battled Brimstone in Firestorm the Nuclear Man #76 (October 1988). Their final battle took place on the surface of the sun in the last issue of Firestorm #100 (August 1990). That battle not only ended the series, it resulted in the destruction of the first Firestorm Elemental (elemental, Ronnie, Mikhail), and the creation of the second Firestorm Elemental (elemental, Martin Stein).

Fury of Firestorm #55 cover by Joe Brozowski and Steve Mitchell

Fury of Firestorm #76 cover by Joe Brozowski and Sam de la Rosa

Firestorm #100 cover by Tom Mandrake

It now appears Frank has seen the error of his ways. He’s got a post today over on his site indicating that perhaps he overstepped his bounds when claiming Brimstone. He goes on to explain that Firestorm is the most likely hero to “own” Brimstone as a villain. *harumph* Too little, too late Frank. The damage is already done!

Match-heads, please head over to The Idol Head of Diabolu today and let Frank know exactly which rogues gallery Brimstone belongs to!

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  1. Corey Hodgdon says:

    Brimstone is my favorite Firestorm foe! I can’t imagine with Martian Manhunters fear of fire that he would be very effective against Brimstone.

  2. Leenovak16 says:

    Isn’t anyone with a Bic lighter and a gallon of gasoline a member of Martian Manhunter’s rogue gallery?

    Leave the real villains to the popular heroes, like Firestorm!

    (Yes, I know his book will be canceled, but at least he had one!) :)

  3. Frank says:

    Gah Lee, harsh much?

    Great work on the Brimstone pimpage Shag. I wouldn’t want to deprive the sorry ass Firestorm rogues gallery a halfway decent bad guy any more than I’d want to carry this mediocrity in the fantabulous Vile Menagerie.

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