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Looking to the future with FURY OF FIRESTORM #14

Yesterday DC Comics released the solicitation for The Fury of Firestorm: The Nuclear Men #14 shipping in November! Check out the fantastic cover below penciled by Dan Jurgens and inked by Ray McCarthy!

Fury of Firestorm: The Nuclear Men #14 cover by Dan Jurgens

Here is the solicitation:

Written by DAN JURGENS
Art and cover by DAN JURGENS and RAY McCARTHY
On sale NOVEMBER 28 | 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US | RATED T

  • Nothing is going right for Firestorm as he battles Black Trident and tries to keep up a normal high school life!
  • The reappearance of Firestorm is causing great concern in the DCU — and how is Captain Atom involved?

I think that cover sums up Ronnie & Jason’s relationship pretty well! It appears Dan Jurgens is really going to focus on their struggle for control of Firestorm, and we’ll see a return to “normal” high school life! I’m looking forward to reading these new adventures!

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  1. Charlemagne says:

    Well, I responded to this on the facebook site, might as well do it here too.

    I dont like this. Plain and simple. Yes, I love they’ve gone in a more classic direction. Yes, I love that they’ve brought Jurgens on board. Yes, I love the fact that they could have easily canned this book but have chosen to give it some more time.

    But…they still havent learned anything apparently. Two new issues in with two new villains who aren’t based on classic Rogues. I KNOW i’m not the only one who is wanting Firestorms awesome villains to start appearing in the book. At this rate who knows when we will see Frost or Multiplex or Typhoon or any of them.

    And to bring in the horrible new 52 version of Cap Atom? Ugh. I really, really, really want this book to succeed but I’m already starting to have doubts based on the solicits.

  2. Dave Mullen says:

    Hm, well it’s difficult to know what can save this book at the moment. As with many others I found the whole idea of Firestorm Protocols and multiple Firestorms a complete turn-off so obviously I’m glad that’s gone now and a more conventional and streamlined approach is being taken.
    But it does leave the book effectively having to start again, what hook can it use to get the best attention? I rate Dan Jurgens highly but his ability to pull off such a task solo is very questionable, he’s more a safe pair of hands than an innovative creator…

  3. Ray Tigner says:

    Unless the 0 issue can muster some attention to this series……they should have done the JLI route….relaunching it eventually when they have a direction they want to go.

  4. Shag says:

    Personally, I’m okay starting with all-new villains. One of the hallmarks of the early FIRESTORM issues was a new villain almost every month. We got introduced to lots of cool villains who would eventually become reoccurring rogues. So I understand the philosophy of starting with new villains, and then eventually introducing established rogues. I’m all about expanding the rogues gallery with new characters!

  5. Keith Samra says:

    Without trying to sound like “The Comic Book Guy” off of The Simpsons, and an expert art critic, because I can type words into a keyboard and watch them appear on screen…
    My problem with the future of this book is the art… Dont get me wrong, I absolutely Love Jurgens. He did some of my most favourite Superman stories, Ive loved his work on almost anything he has done in his entire career…


    Just by looking at this cover, his style seems abit outdated. Ronnie is wearing a baggy sleevless top, with untied combat boots. Very late 80’s early 90’s. Jason looks very casual and tidy, which sadly doesnt scream “teenager in high school”!
    They both are built like male models (though everyone in comics is) and appear to be the same body shape as Firestorm.
    The generic hairstyles also look outdated, and appear to be very cliche. Again, I love Jurgens, he is one of my all time favourire comic artists aswell as writers. I just really wish that the art in the book would really reflect the styles and fashions of today.
    To give an example of what I mean, the Young Justice animated series is a perfect example. When they show the team in their civilian gears or at school, they look like they inhabit the world as it is today, and not 20 years ago.

    Regardless, I will still be buying this book, and am stoked that Jurgens is on the book and really excited t see where the direction it will head in.
    Again I dont want to sound like a moaning fanboy thats taken to the internet. I read and collect comics because along with the characters and concepts, I really love the artwork. And sometimes I guess I expect alittle bit more from the art teams.

  6. Daoud Faquiryan says:

    It kind of looks like Jason and Ronnie are fighting for Firestorm’s entertainment. All Hail Caesar, All Hail Emperor Firestorm! 😀

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