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Francis Manapul Draws Firestorm

I really dig Francis Manapul, current writer and artist on The Flash! If you haven’t been reading his run on The Flash, stop what you are doing right now and go buy that book. Right Now! It’s a real treat.

Today we’ll be looking at a few fantastic Firestorm sketches done by Francis Manapul. I use the term “sketch” loosely because some of these were done with watercolors. The first piece of artwork comes from match-head Clark Edwards! Clark met Francis at the Phoenix Comiccon this past weekend.

 Francis Manapul draws Firestorm for Clark Edwards at Phoenix Comicon 2012

This next excellent piece comes from our good buddy Jon of the Fizzit Firestorm-themed blog. Jon met Francis back at Armageddon Con in New Zealand back in 2010.  You can find this piece on Jon’s Comic Art Fans page.

Francis Manapul draws Firestorm for Jon McGavin at Armageddon con 2010Our final gorgeous piece for today comes from match-head Philip Rutledge. Philip met Francis at the Seattle JetCityComicShow back in 2010. You can find this piece on Philip’s Comic Art Fans page.

Francis Manapul draws Firestorm for Philip Rutledge at JetCityComicShow

My thanks to Clark, Jon, and Philip! You match-heads have great taste!

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  1. outburst says:

    very nice.
    Funny how even a lot of the artists seem to prefer the classic costume.

  2. Jon says:

    I have a beat-up copy of FoF #20 that I carry with me at conventions, which is what I always hand over for reference. But I usually get the question “which one?” when I first ask, and everyone seems happy when it turns out I’m after the original. Except Francis lol, he spent half the time complaining about what a pain in the ass the chest emblem must be to draw all the time (in a good natured way of course ;)). He said he didn’t know how Jamal Igle did it, I pointed out that Jamal infact changed the design 😉 Great minds think alike?

  3. Shag says:

    @Jon – Thanks for sharing that story and your artwork!

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