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Looking to the future with FURY OF FIRESTORM #12

Yesterday DC Comics released the solicitation for The Fury of Firestorm: The Nuclear Men #12 shipping in August! Check out the fantastic cover below by Yildiray Cinar, Marlo Alquiza, and Hi-Fi! Looks like Ronnie & Jason are in trouble! Click the image to enlarge.

Fury of Firestorm: The Nuclear Men #12 cover by Yildiray Cinar and Marlo Alquiza

Here is the solicitation from DC Comics:

Written by JOE HARRIS
On sale AUGUST 22 | 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US | RATED T

  • The quest for ASHRA KHAN takes a new turn!
  • The menace of ZITHER is revealed!

I noticed a few things from reading this solicitation:

  1. It appears by issue #12 Ronnie and Jason will be together again (cue the Muppet song, “Together again”).
  2. Ronnie is back in his original costume, not the “secondary power costume” we saw on the cover of issue #11.
  3. Ethan Van Sciver’s name is off the book and Joe Harris is flying solo.
  4. Yildiray Cinar will be working with a new inker, Marlo Alquiza.
  5. Hi-Fi was mentioned as the colorist on the cover. I asked Hi-Fi over on Facebook if they will be coloring the interiors of issue #12. They responded with, “We are coloring issue #10 right now. Would love to keep coloring Firestorm as long as the rest of the creative team and fans want Hi-Fi around.” Alright Match-heads, let’s tell DC Comics that we want Hi-Fi to continue coloring Fury of Firestorm! Spread the word!
  6. That cover is friggin’ awesome. LOVE IT!

I’m really looking forward to Joe Harris, Yildiray Cinar, and Hi-Fi on Fury of Firestorm! We’ve got another week until issue #9 hits the stands. Arrrggghhh, the wait is killing me!

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  1. Luke says:

    The sfx coloring on this series (in fact, on pretty much all of the New 52 DC books) has been fantastic. The green flames on this cover remind me of something which would have been foil or chromium back in the 90s, but is actually just digital “ink and paint.” Fantastic!

  2. James says:

    Not to mention, Ronnie has two hands. Unless I missed something.

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