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Fury of Flintstone by Matt Fagan

Check out this fun mash-up of Firestorm the Nuclear Man and Fred Flintstone! It’s the Fury of Flintstone by Matt Fagan!

Fred Flintstone as Firestorm by Matt Fagan

This painting is for sale over an Etsy. Here is how artist Matt Fagan described the painting:

This mash-up is a riff on my favorite comic book from my teenage years, THE FURY OF FIRESTORM THE NUCLEAR MAN. The tale of high school jock Ron Raymond who was caught in a nuclear blast, he found himself molecularly fused with the unconscious professor Martin Stein into a new being, FIRESTORM! Firestorm could fly, crack wise, and rearrange the atomic structure of any nonorganic material at will. Because he was unconscious during the incident, when they are fused as Firestorm, professor Stein has no physical control over their form and exists only as a disembodied consciousness that can communicate with Ron and advise him on courses of action. In the comics, he was typically depicted as a ghostly white outline of his face floating in the general vicinity of Firestorm.

For this 16×20 inch painting, I have turned FRED FLINTSTONE into Firestorm, altering his traditional caveman skins to reflect the color scheme of the Firestorm costume… and who better than to stand in for Martin Stein than The Great Gazoo? A mysterious entity that communicates with Fred, but nobody else can see him…

That bit with The Great Gazoo standing in for Professor Martin Stein is brilliant! For more information on this awesome painting, please visit Matt Fagan’s Etsy store!

My thanks to Patrick Wait for the heads-up on this hilarious piece of artwork!

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