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Kevin Smith Mocks Firestorm on Comic Book Men

In the season finale of AMC’s new show Comic Book Men, star Kevin Smith took a shot at our favorite Nuclear Man!

Kevin Smith on Comic Book Men on AMC

While bantering with his co-hosts, Kevin Smith took the opportunity to crack a joke at Ronnie Raymond’s and Professor Martin Stein’s expense. Geez Kevin, what did they ever do to you?!?! Still holding a grudge because they didn’t see Jersey Girl? Get over it, man. :)

Here are the quotes from Comic Book Men, episode 6 entitled “Ink”:

Kevin Smith: Who would you say hands-down is your favorite super-team?

Michael Zapcic: I’d do a different iteration of the JLA. The Satellite years. Firestorm…

Kevin Smith: Nuclear Man. The boy who was inhabited by his teacher.

Group: *Laughter*

Kevin Smith: It’s like… what’s the character? He’s a boy whose teacher enters him and they become a superhero together.

Group: *Laughter*

Okay, in all fairness, it was a pretty funny slam. My thanks to Avery Barnes, A.C., and Diabolu Frank for the heads-up about this episode! Thanks guys!

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  1. Ken Deemer says:

    ComicBook Men Sucked! Who gives a Rats Ass what Mr. Smith & those Co-Hosts say, even in jest. That has to be the Worst Show on TV. I watched the 1st show & that was it! so the 3 people that actually watched it, might have been mildly amused.
    ~ Ken

  2. Frank says:

    It’s getting a second season and decent ratings, so somebody likes it. I usually lasted 10-15 minutes, after watching the 11:30 Walking Dead rebroadcast and the Talking Dead. I was too tired to do anything else, but after a bellyful of these guys being ignorant “experts” and all around dicks in plainly staged “reality” situations, I’d turn off the TV altogether. It was a good dig, though. I never considered the ongoing gay subtext. Maybe latency, Midwestern values, and Doreen Day were what drove him to drink.

  3. Boosterrific says:

    So is Kevin Smith suggesting that we shouldn’t listen the the voices of older men that we hear in our heads? Oddly, this comment reminded me not so much of Firestorm, but of the television version of SHAZAM, where Billy Batson traveled around with a guy who called himself “Mentor.” Now THAT was creepy.

  4. outburst says:

    That’s just Kevin’s schtick, making as many jokes with sexual innuendo as possible.
    Don’t get me wrong, I like the guy – but I can’t say I’m shocked.

  5. Joshua Wolf says:

    They also made a crack at Plastic Man saying that Mr. Fantastic would choke him by extending a part of his body… Do they not know Plas can shape his body into ANYthing?!? I understand they mainly like Marvel, but they should probably brush up a bit on their DC knowledge… (as they also mis-dated The Killing Joke as 1978… Whoops!!)

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