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Plastique on Justice League Unlimited

Today we conclude our coverage of PLASTIQUE WEEK! Not only was Plastique lucky enough to appear on Smallville, but she also made an appearance on the Justice League Unlimited cartoon! Man, this girl gets around (just ask Captain Atom). 😉

Plastique appeared in the second season of Justice League Unlimited, during the fourth episode entitled, “Task Force X”. Other characters in this episode include: Rick Flagg, Deadshot, Captain Boomerang, Clock King, and Amanda Waller. The part of Plastique was played by Juliet Landau, whom many of us know as Drusilla from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The DC Animated Universe Wiki describes Plastique as:

Bette Sans Souci, also known as Plastique, is an explosives expert and eventual member of Task Force X. Plastique was blackmailed by Colonel Rick Flagg into joining the group Task Force X, under the directive of Project Cadmus. During their infiltration mission, Plastique’s role was to create a distraction to draw the attention of the League’s staff. During their escape, Plastique used Atom Smasher as a hostage to provide the team with an escape. However, Captain Atom apprehended her, causing Deadshot to shoot and detonate her explosive. It’s unknown if she survived the explosion.

Plastique in Justice League Unlimited

If you’re a fan the Suicide Squad, you should definitely seek out this great episode! Plastique’s portrayal wasn’t terribly faithful to the character, but it wasn’t such a departure as to be bothersome. Overall I’d say her appearance was just fine.

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