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Plastique in DC Comics Encyclopedia & Plastique Cubee!

Today we continue PLASTIQUE WEEK!  First up is Plastique’s entry from DK’s DC Comics Encyclopedia, Updated and Expanded Edition (September 2008). I recommend fans of DC Comics’ continuity prior to The New 52 pick up the DC Comics Encyclopedia. This is an outstanding resource book and makes for fun reading.  Maybe I’m just a junkie for organized and categorized data, but I love this book! In the Plastique entry, the text was written by Daniel Wallace with art taken from her previous Who’s Who appearance. While the text isn’t all that different from the old Who’s Who entry, it does provide updated information on her activities.

Plastique from DK’s DC Comics Encyclopedia, Updated and Expanded Edition (2008)

Next is another adorable do-it-yourself Cubee created by Joshua Wolf. This time around he’s focused on Plastique! These are made entirely from folded paper; no tape or glue necessary! To get an idea what an assembled Cubee looks like, check out this Firestorm Cubee. I haven’t assembled the Plastique Cubee yet, but here is the pattern. Click here to download a full-size version on deviantART.

Plastique Cubee by Joshua Wolf

My thanks to Joshua Wolf for the heads-up about the Plastique Cubee! Thanks!

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  1. Frank says:

    What? Plastique Week was an option? I could have spent an entire week… talking about… Plastique?

    Never mind. Mazel tov.

    While interest petered out fairly quick, the Valentine’s post is already the ninth highest viewed ever at POTA. That’s sort of like being the ninth best with a hammer at the county slaughterhouse, but still…

  2. DrNobody says:

    Thank you for showcasing my Plastique Cubee!! :^D

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