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Plastique on Smallville

Y’know what, let’s keep on truckin’ with Plastique! I hereby declare it PLASTIQUE WEEK!

While I was working on the Plastique/Captain Atom Valentine’s Day crossover, I stumbled across a surprising tidbit of news. Apparently Plastique appeared on Smallville back in 2008. WHAT?!?!? How the heck did this happen and I never heard about it? Not that I followed Smallville during it’s final years, but I’m surprised I never came across this information before now.

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Plastique (Bette Sans Souci) first appeared in the second episode of Smallville Season 8 entitled, “Plastique”. On the show, Plastique was played by Jessica Parker Kennedy. She went on to appear in two further episodes, “Injustice” and “Shield”. The Smallville Wiki describes Plastique as:

Bette Sans Souci is a psychotic teenager with the ability to project high frequency energy blasts in the form of explosives. She was also a member of the Injustice League under the codename: Plastique. She is now a member of the Suicide Squad.

Plastique on Smallville played by Jessica Parker Kennedy

Plastique on Smallville played by Jessica Parker Kennedy

I haven’t seen these episodes myself, but you can bet I’m in the process of tracking them down! Anyone out there see these episodes? If so, what did you think of Plastique’s portrayal?

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  1. As someone who owns all available 10 seasons of Smallville, I have indeed seen these episodes. In her first appearance she seemed like an unwilling villain. Like someone who was led to do bad things for selfish reasons and Clark tried to “set her straight”. At the time, Chloe ran Lanas foundation for those affected by the meteor rocks (or those just with powers). The foundation was meant to help those with powers cope with them. Bette refused to be anyones “cause”. Later, when she joined the suicide squad, she felt a part of a team, almost like a family. They were trying to track down Doomsday as well when he made his Smallville debut.

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