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Darryl Banks Firestorm drawings

I’m a HUGE fan of the Kyle Rayner era of Green Lantern, and artist Darryl Banks is synonymous with those issues. Darryl draws everything great! He recently posted this Firestorm/Killer Frost artwork on Facebook. The drawing was done in 2010 and the incredibly-detailed background represents Coney Island. Such amazing work! The detail on each character and the background is fantastic! I especially like the blasts of nuclear energy and icy power! My thanks to match-head A.j. Chwaster for letting me know about this gorgeous piece!

Darryl Banks drawing of Firestorm and Killer Frost over Coney Island

This next Darryl Banks piece was drawn for Roland Reedy back in 2002. Personally I love the joyous expression on Firestorm’s face and the crackling energy! Fun drawing!

Darryl Banks drawing of Firestorm

Here is one final Darryl Banks drawing of Firestorm. This was done in 2005 for Robert Pozzi.  My only issue with this drawing is it identifies Robert as Firestorm’s biggest fan. Ahem, really?!?!?  :)

Firestorm by Darryl Banks for Robert Pozzi

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  1. liquidcross says:

    Looks like you’re going to have to commission a piece from Banks yourself to set the record straight!

    I’ve been meaning to get a GL sketch from Banks for a while…need money first, though.

  2. outburst says:

    Gorgeous art. I can’t find a thing wrong with any of them and there’s a whole lot right.

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