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OFFICIAL: Joe Harris replaces Gail Simone; Van Sciver draws two issues

We interrupt Pozhar Week here at FIRESTORM FAN for some very exciting news!  DC Comics has announced that beginning with The Fury of Firestorm: The Nuclear Men #7, Joe Harris will be co-plotting with Ethan Van Sciver and writing the scripts!  Additionally, Van Sciver will provide interior art for issues #7 and #8!  Now don’t worry, we’re not losing the amazing Yildiray Cinar. He’ll be back on the book with issue #9.


If you’re not familiar with Joe Harris’ work, then check him out at Comic Book DBclick here and click here (he has two different entries currently).  Personally, I really enjoyed his Slingers series!  You may also check out below his biography from his website:

“No one writes horror quite like JOE HARRIS,” says Wizard World of the acclaimed writer of numerous comics, graphic novels and movies mixing horror with tales of super-heroes and the supernatural.

As a young creator at Marvel Comics, Joe launched the cult-classic Spider-Man spinoff series, Slingers and wrote myriad other titles including Bishop: The Last X-Man. He has written for all major comics publishers and franchises including the X-Men, Spider-Man, Batman and others.

He conceived and co-wrote the screenplay for the hit Sony Pictures film, Darkness Falls and the politically-themed slasher movie and Fox release, The Tripper before returning to comics and launching creator-owned properties that brought his experiences in publishing and moviemaking together.

His supernatural title, Ghost Projekt was published by Oni Press. Called the “Best Miniseries” of 2010 by Wizard and lauded by Ain’t It Cool News as “one of the finest” of the year, the tense tale of ghosts, gambits and Cold War-era secrets is currently being adapted for television by SyFy.

Ronnie Raymond as Firestorm, interior art by Ethan Van Sciver


Also announced was Gail Simone will be leaving the Fury of Firestorm series.  Issue #6 will be her final issue.  This rumor has been floating around for some time, so this doesn’t come as a tremendous shock.  Gail Simone had this to say on her message board:

These things happen. They always suck, but they happen. An editor’s vision doesn’t match what you thought the book was about, it happens.  But Ethan was the guy who really saw a huge mythic potential in Firestorm, and he’s still on the book so I have a feeling it’s going to be cranked up considerably. Him doing art for two issues is a big deal, as well.

Personally, I’m sad to see Gail Simone leave the series.  I have no doubt Ethan, Joe, and Yildiray will produce excellent comics, but we’ll still miss Gail.  I’m very appreciative of all the support she’s given the FIRESTORM FAN site.  Be sure to support Gail by picking up her Batgirl series – it’s excellent!


Ethan Van Sciver had this to say on Facebook:

FIRESTORM!!! I’d like to introduce you all to Joe Harris, screenwriter, comic book writer, and left-wing extremist who will join me in bringing you the next chapters of THE FURY OF FIRESTORM, starting with issue #7! I’ll be drawing interiors for 7 and 8. We’ll light all of your heads on fire! See you soon!

Joe Harris is a gentleman. I have to say. He has political views that are diametrically opposed to mine in most places, but he’s thoughtful, polite, kind, and never overbearing. I love him. He and I get along perfectly.

Joe Harris had this to say on Facebook:

News has broken, finally. I’m joining FIRESTORM, writing the scripts and co-plotting with Ethan Van Sciver (who’s also going to be drawing my first two issues — #7-8)! It’s going to kick all sorts of ass, I do promise. We’ve got some pretty shocking stuff lined up.

First FIRESTORM issue Ethan and I are coming out of the gate with is explosive, to say the least. Kids. Nuclear weapons. What could go wrong?

Joe Harris had this to say on his own blog:

The first arc is called “The Firestorm Protocols” and, I can promise you, it’s going to be filled with a lot of big science fiction concepts and super-hero smackdowns… some good, tense international and geopolitical maneuvering around the prospect of a new nuclear arms race in a much smaller and interconnected world than the Cold War-era knew, and some really dark, juicy moments that should really shock the hell out of people.

Fury of Firestorm editor Rachel Gluckstern had this to say on the DC Blog:

The secrets are out, the weapons are amassing, and Ronnie and Jason have barely begun to understand the depths in which they’re swimming.  Once they were normal teens, now they wield incredible powers – and have caused incredible disasters. And it’s only going to get worse. Ethan Van Sciver and Joe Harris are kicking down the doors in this new chapter of THE FURY OF FIRESTORM, taking our heroes into the global arena of politics and power. We’re going to learn the truth about Professor Stein and all the plans he set in place, which are now spiraling out of control. Join us for the thrilling new story — THE FIRESTORM PROTOCOLS!

Jason Rusch as Firestorm, interior art by Ethan Van Sciver


Below are some of the comic book news sites that are talking about this big change:


My thanks to Keith G. Baker, liquidcross, Luke Jaconetti, and Brandon Leonard for the heads-up on this breaking news!  We’ll be talking lots more about Joe Harris in the coming months, but for now let’s give him a warm Match-head welcome!

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  1. Robert Gross says:

    Regarding “some really dark, juicy moments that should really shock the hell out of people.” What about some light, fun moments that make people laugh out loud? That’s what I remember and loved about Gerry Conway’s series. I’m not saying completely overhaul the direction they’re taking— I like the general idea of the Firestorm protocol(s) and its science fiction content— but c’mon, writers, let’s strike a few different tones.

  2. The fact that you’re so upbeat about this, Shag, makes me feel better about it. I’m not at all familiar with Joe Harris’s work, but if you say you’ve enjoyed it before, that suggests to me continued good things ahead for Firestorm. Much relieved.

  3. Luke says:

    From a purely visual standpoint, it should be very nice to see EVS draw a few issues of the title!

    @Robert, hear hear about the “light” and “fun” aspects. Firestorm is a youth character and thus really should (at least in my opinion) have some fun aspects to him, whether it’s Ronnie or Jason or both or what-have-you. It also serves to contrast with the constant presence of nuclear power, and specifically the threat of thermonuclear death, which is part and parcel of Firestorm. Whether you like nuclear power or not, its serious stuff, so some lighter moments for relief are usually welcome.

  4. Frank says:

    Hey Shag! I also lost a writer and gained intrigue today.

    Gail Simone is one of the few writers in comics that can get me to consider any book, but I also remember being impressed with Joe Harris’ Slingers, and he seems like a good fit for this title. In fact, “political superhero horror” sounds right up my alley, and now that the pall Simone’s projected departure has cast has been alleviated by a prospect with potential, I may commit to the upcoming trade. I wasn’t going to jump on only to have Tom DeFalco or Scott Lobdell take over, y’know?

    As for Stormwatch, Paul Cornell is out and Paul Jenkins in. I must admit that I’ve found the book to be increasingly frustrating, especially after looking at the stooopid preview pages at The Source yesterday. That book was becoming an obligation rather than a pleasure, and while I’m not sure about Jenkins on a super-team, maybe his Vertigo sensibilities will better recall Warren Ellis & company.

  5. Ben Ronning says:

    As much as I am sad to see Gail Simone go, Joe Harris coming on to the book could be a blessing as well. I remember his “Slingers” work and loved it (though I didn’t buy many issues because I was more into video games at the time and spent more money on them.) For that reason I will stay on board, that and my love for ol’ Matchstick.

  6. Bill says:

    Really excited about this change, Gail’s dialog was really dragging down the book. For a book like firestorm it needs to be about creative nuclear thinking. And to tell the truth some of the Old Firestorm books used to scare the crap out of me as a kid so the Horror angle and less campy stuff is welcome in my eyes.

    I can remember the Tokamak Issues where his rings were compressing firestorm into nothingness. I think that was the source of my claustrophobia.

  7. rob! says:

    I can’t believe I’m able to say that its Aquaman that has the more stable creative team.

  8. Patrick says:

    While I would agree that light/fun moments shouldn’t be overlooked, there also is the aspect of these kids that don’t really understand the world, and are immediately thrown into something as intense/horrific as this. To see friends murdered or injured, to not know if you can ever see your family, and to have no real direction at this stage, it hast to be a fairly dark place for them.

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