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Favorite Covers: Firestorm #19

I love the cover to Firestorm vol. III #19 by Matt Haley!  What makes this cover special is the beauty of deep space, the glow of Firestorm’s nuclear aura, and the breathtaking Donna Troy.  Wow!  It’s gorgeous!  This was an interesting time for Jason as he was wearing a costume very similar to the classic Firestorm.  Jamal Igle described it as an “interim costume”, between issues #13 and One Year Later.

Below you’ll find the uninhibited cover art.  Click the image to enlarge.

Firestorm vol 3 #19 cover by Matt Haley

Below is the cover including the trade dress noting the connection to Infinite Crisis.

Firestorm volume 3 #19 cover by Matt Haley

Did I mention Donna Troy is super-hot?  Okay, just wanted to be sure.

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  1. Robert Gross says:

    Ever notice that Moore, Igle, Stull and Champagne spell “Misc.”? That’s our miscellaneous crew for this month.

  2. Frank says:

    I loved this whole series of Matt Haley covers, but especially this one. It’s funny that you use the term “uninhibited cover art.” I think the industry term is ironically “virgin,” which I learned way back when First Comics ran a Flint Henry painted Grimjack cover with minimal text (just the title and price in text near the spine.)

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