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Satan in Firestorm? No, it’s just the Satin Satan…

Today we take a tongue-in-cheek look at one of Firestorm’s early villains – The Satin Satan! This magical foe plagued the JLA in Justice League of America#179 & 180.

Justice League of America #179 – “The Siren Song of the Satin Satan” (June 1980)
Justice League of America #180 – “A Beautiful Evil” (July 1980)
Writer: Gerry Conway
Pencils: Dick Dillin
Inks: Frank McLaughlin
Covers: Jim Starlin

JLA #179 was Firestorm’s induction into the League, so technically this was his first case as a JLA member. For your first JLA case, you’d hope to fight a really well-known villain, right? Like Amazo, Despero, Kanjar Ro, or even the Shaggy Man. Well, sorry Ronnie, you got … The Satin Satan.

Justice League of America #180 featuring Satin Satan

The Satin Satan was also known as Sabrina Sultress, a high paid fashion model. Check out that cool hair!

Satin Satan in Justice League of America

In addition to being a fashion model, we discovered she was also a sorceress! Prowling popular New York discotheques (yes, that’s right discotheques), the Satin Satan looked for young men to bewitch and steal away for her own nefarious purposes. She had the ability to control the minds of young men and transform humans into animated mannequins.

Satin Satan in Justice League of America

She made the mistake of abducting Rosco Remington, the brother of one of Ronnie Raymond’s friends. Firestorm investigated and of course got himself captured by the Satin Satan. Oh, Ronnie, always a fool for the ladies. Thankfully, Firestorm did manage to activate his JLA emergency signal. The Justice League of America responded and confronted the Satin Satan at a roller disco called Hell on Wheels (a roller disco!!!)! It was revealed that Sabrina Sultress was the host for an evil demon called Sataroth, the daughter of Satanni (whoever that is).

Satin Satan in Justice League of America

The battle concluded with Zatanna casting the demon Sataroth out of Sabrina Sultress. We’re left thinking Sabrina was just an innocent victim in all this, until the final panel…

Satin Satan in Justice League of America

Shockingly, Firestorm never encountered the Satin Satan again. Given Sabrina’s devious smile at the end, perhaps she’s still out there preying on young men at modern-day raves. Watch yourself boys…

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  1. Luke says:

    Ladies and gentlemen: The 80s.

    Satin Satan? Why does this broad remind me of the Luke Cage baddie Senor Suerte (“Mister Luck”), who, when he activated his electrified gauntlet to give someone a fatal handshake would call himself Senor Muerte (Mister Death)?

    I miss the days of inane puns being the source of super-villain names!

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