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Firestorm in DC Comics Ultimate Character Guide

A couple weeks ago we covered DC Comics: The Ultimate Character Guide from DK publishing.  At that time we knew Firestorm appeared in the book, but didn’t have any images of him.  Well, our good buddy Jon from the Fizzit blog has come through for us again!  Jon picked up a copy of the book and send us some snapshots!

Below you’ll find the entry for Firestorm – The Nuclear Man!

Firestorm from the DC Comics Ultimate Character Guide

Below you’ll find the entry for Killer Frost – Ice Queen!

Killer Frost from the DC Comics Ultimate Character Guide

Below is the entry for the Justice League of America – The World’s Greatest Super Heroes

Justice League of America from the DC Comics Ultimate Character Guide

There were a few other Firestorm-related entries.  Plastique appeared in the Suicide Squad entry.  The Anti-Monitor entry used artwork from Crisis on Infinite Earths that included Firehawk.  The Starro entry used artwork from the cover to Justice League of America #190 that included a starfish-faced Firestorm.

Finally, below you’ll find the inside cover of the book.  For this they used a gorgeous two-page spread of the Justice League and the Justice Society from the JLA/JSA: Virtue and Vice graphic novel. Firestorm may be found along the left hand side.

Inside Cover of the DC Comics Ultimate Character Guide

What a great looking book!  Be sure to pick up a copy of DC Comics: The Ultimate Character Guide! Buy it in your local bookstore or online through a retailer like Amazon!

My thanks to Jon of the Fizzit blog for sending these images our way.  Thanks Jon!

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  1. Ed says:

    Ya know, I’m not liking the art of Killer Frost from her page. It’s mostly her facial expression I don’t like, everything else is okay.

  2. Shag says:

    @Ed – I’m pretty sure that image of Killer Frost was taken from the early portion of Jason’s run as Firestorm.

  3. Ed says:

    I found that same image on Killer Frost’s wikipedia entry with a claim that it is Jamal Igle’s art. Normally I like his stuff but I really don’t like that image of KF for that entry in the book.

  4. Dave Beaty says:

    That’s awesome! It’s ‘our'(Scott Clark & I) version of Firestorm. Heck it’s even our art from Brightest Day. Now I have to pick up a copy.

  5. Shag says:

    @Dave – I thought that looked like yours and Scott’s handy work. Nicely done, sir!

  6. Robert Gross says:

    When was Firestorm primarily Ronnie with Jason as the floating head?

  7. Shag says:

    @Robert – Firestorm during “Brightest Day” alternated being Ronnie and Jason. One would be in control, while the other was the floating head.

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