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The Fury of Firestorms? Plural?

More information coming from this past weekend’s San Diego Comic-Con…

It’s possible the title of the new series is “The Fury of Firestorms”. Plural. That’s what appeared on the Firestorm powerpoint slide during the DC Comics: The New 52 panel on Sunday (see below).  Apparently, Gail wasn’t sure if this was official.

Fury of Firestorms from San Diego Comic-Con panel SDCC

Given the set-up of the book with at least three different super-powered Firestorms (Ronnie, Jason, and the merged being), that sort of makes sense to me.  For previous details on the three different versions of Firestorm, click here. Also, I’ve been thinking about what Gail said during the panel.  She said, “This is a complete reimagining of the Firestorm concept… I’m hesitating… there may be many Firestorms.”  She also said, “there are Firestorm protocols across the world, so this will be a worldwide book.”  So there could be many Firestorms around the world?  We’ve also speculated that the merged Firestorm’s chest emblem suggests there may be four more people to add to the merger.  Could this fanboy dare hope we see Professor Martin Stein and Mikhail Arkadin also as Firestorms?  Probably not, but I gotta dream.

Below is another slide shown during the panel.  This is a colored version of Yildiray Cinar’s two page spread.  You can see a detailed uncolored version by clicking here.

Firestorm Yildiray Cinar artwork from San Diego Comic-Con panel SDCC

Finally, I’ve seen the new Firestorm villain identified as both “Helix” and “Felix”.  Not sure which is accurate.  I’ve seen “Helix” more often, and that’s cooler given the nuclear connection, so I’m going with that.  Apparently some audience members need to clean out their earwax.
UPDATE: Gail Simone confirmed on Twitter for me that the new villain is named “Helix”, not “Felix”. Although, now she really wants a villain named “Felix”. :)

These photos originally appeared on Bleeding Cool.  My thanks to Keith Baker for directing me towards this information!

For earlier Firestorm coverage from the 2011 San Diego Comic-Con, click here.

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  1. First, obviously can’t wait for this book to come out, butttt that two page spread looks way to red for me. I realize the book is about a flaming red superhero but they need to tone it back, hope its just the scene that called for so much red and its not a theme of the book. Also firestorms??!!? kinda unsure how i feel about that i feel that Ronnie and Jason EARNED the right to be firestorm and I will be quite upset if they let some random new character become part of firestorm. They are what make me love firestorm, not just the power set. I feel that if dc lets anyone else be firestorm they are sorta saying that the power is more important then the characters and I don’t agree with that. Still way to excited for this book but the con which i felt would put my worries at rest just ended up making them worse.

  2. Jon says:

    I have my fingers crossed that the big guy will be an elemental type with his own personality which eventually turns out to be Stein. Also, if we’re going to have multiple Firestorms it would be a nice tip of the hat to include, oh I don’t know… a cat and a robot ala Mike Carey’s FS.

    A guy can dream 😉

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