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Brightest Day Firestorm Action Figure in Stores Today

The Brightest Day Firestorm action figure from DC Direct should be in stores today!  It’s been a long 12 months waiting since this figure was announced, but the day is finally here!

Brightest Day Firestorm action figure

The figure looks fantastic from the solicitations.  Be sure to pick yours up today!  I can’t wait to get mine!

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  1. I got mine looks great with the rest of my firestorm figures!

  2. tnr105 says:

    My LCS is having a Christmas in July sale in the next few weeks, and this shall be MINE!

  3. rob! says:

    Has anyone ever made a FS custom that lights up in the head? Seeing the partly translucent effect here makes me think some industrious fan could add a little bulb in there and voila!

  4. Dan North says:

    I happened upon these cute little things on the net one day and thought you would love it Shag. Here’s Blue Devil too:
    and just for the LOLZ Vibe:

  5. Jon says:

    Cool, we finally get an action figure for the new costume… oh wait…

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