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Another Amazing Yildiray Cinar Piece

Yesterday, Yildiray Cinar (upcoming interior artist on The Fury of Firestorm) posted another amazing Firestorm piece!  This was a study in markers he did shortly after receiving the Firestorm gig.  Notice this is the Brightest Day incarnation of the Nuclear Man.  To view it on Yildiray’s deviantART page, please click here.  Also, follow Yildiray on Twitter!

Yildiray Cinar's Firestorm

There is no denying the art in the new Fury of Firestorm book is going to be amazing!

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  1. Ed says:

    This is absolutely gorgeous. If they sold a full size poster of this I would buy it in a second and frame it.

  2. Shag says:

    Check this out… I just noticed this is the exact pose he used for a previous Firestorm Elemental sketch. Love the comparison!

    That’s friggin’ cool!

  3. Spinks says:

    Echo. The art is amazing. I’m looking forward to seeing in full-blown comic form…

  4. @shag is this some foreshadowing that a lot of firestorms attacks will be directed at the ground? all kidding aside great sketch

  5. Jeph says:

    Now THAT’S the Firestorm I wanna see!

    Btw – something about it feels reminiscent of the old New Mutants poster I had back in the 80s:

    I know there’s no similar poses, different numbers of characters, etc….maybe it’s the palette and dynamicism (is that a word?).

  6. Spinks says:

    @brandon–Too funny. Maybe it will be a fire vs. earth element thing–take that ground!

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