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Nuclear News: 2011-06-20 Twitter Weekend Round-up

Lots of Firestorm-related items this past weekend buzzing around Twitter!  If you’re on Twitter, be sure you’re following @firestormfan!  Lots of things appearing there that might not merit a full post here.

Firestorm Fan on Twitter


Chris Rohling (@CMRohling) discussed Firestorm’s appearance in Flashpoint: Legion of Doom
(I also received a nice e-mail from Michael A. Burstein about this comic):

  • Thought comics would make me feel better, but then FP: Legion of Doom opens with Heatwave setting Jason of Firestorm fame on fire.

Keith G. Baker (@kgbunc) let us know where to find Firestorm in the DC Universe Online Legends comic book:

  • In 5,6,8,9, too (don’t know about 4. Not in 1,2,or 3) RT @FirestormFan: Flipped thru DCUO Legends # 10 today and spotted #Firestorm!


I posted from Firestorm Fan (@firestormfan):

  • Missed the 2nd FURY OF FIRESTORM image that got pulled from Bleeding Cool? Look before Newsarama is asked to remove it.

Comic Book Resources (@CBR) posted some discouraging poll results:

I posted from Firestorm Fan (@firestormfan):

  • Newsarama’s Agent of S.T.Y.L.E. tackles the new Firestorm, plus other DCnU heroes. #firestorm

The Aquaman Shrine (@AquamanShrine) posted:

  • @DC_NATION ‘s first Retailer Roadshow from @WB_Home_Ent HQ in Burbank CA Great recap from @niftymat !

I posted from Firestorm Fan (@firestormfan):

  • DC Comics solicitation for THE FURY OF FIRESTORM #1 now appearing in their “Browse Comics” section. #firestorm


Stuart Moore (@stuartmoore1) had this to say regarding his run as writer on Firestorm vol 3:

  • @FirestormFan Thanks much. Fun book, fun character, & I LOVED working with @JAMALIGLE .

At the Calgary Expo during the DC Nation panel featuring Gail Simone,  Justin Gyorfi (@Jgyorfi) tweeted:

  • Time for @GailSimone on Fury of Firestorm. #calgaryexpo
  • Firestorm going to have grandness of a Geoff Johns book. #calgaryexpo

At the same panel, Andrew Norris (@AndrewNorris) said:

  • Gail Simone wasn’t sold on the idea of writing Firestorm at first, but Ethan sold her on it with a twist on the character #calgaryexpo

When asked about the Yildiray Cinar images they showed at the Calgary Expo, Justin Gyorfi (@Jgyorfi) responded:

  • @FirestormFan they were amazing. No finished pieces, just the costume sketches. Seeing those puffy sleeves back was great.

I posted from Firestorm Fan (@firestormfan):

  • Ethan Van Sciver interview on the new Fury of Firestorm via MTV Geek @azalben @MTVGeek #firestorm #comics

Gabriel Hardman (@gabrielhardman) asked upcoming FURY OF FIRESTORM artist Yildiray Cinar:

  • @ycinar That’s awesome. Are you inking your own stuff on Firestorm?

Yildiray Cinar (@ycinar) responded with:

  • @gabrielhardman Yes! :)

Much earlier in the week on June 10, Gail Simone (@GailSimone) said:

  • And the big chatter has been for Batgirl, but seriously, Fury of Firestorm is huge. It is a key book in the relaunch, and is full of the kind of world-building we’ve only been seeing in the Green Lantern books, lately.It’s so, so much bigger than we can say yet. Ethan Van Sciver is co-plotter, and it’s a mix of huge concepts and very personal and heartfelt characters. I love it and DC is wild for it. Art is by Yildiray Cinar (@ycinar),who is just an explosive storyteller. He and Ethan are doing designs together. Superhero nirvana.


That’s a lot of activity going on for Firestorm! Again, be sure you’re following @firestormfan on Twitter!

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  1. Ryan says:

    Newsarama has new art from FoF #1 by Yildiray Cinar!

  2. Shag says:

    @Ryan – Thank you!!!!

  3. Ben Ronning says:

    Man, now I really wish I did not miss that DC Nation Panel in Calgary. I did impress Gail Simone with my Firestorm T-Shirt though. 😉

  4. Shag says:

    By the way, don’t you just love my Nuclear Twitter logo? I really like the way that turned out. I’m such a dork. :)

  5. Spinks says:

    What the?!?

    “Thought comics would make me feel better, but then FP: Legion of Doom opens with Heatwave setting Jason of Firestorm fame on fire.” Jason was set on fire… what happened?


  6. Shag says:

    @Spinks – I haven’t read it yet, but it was in FLASHPOINT: LEGION OF DOOM. Since it’s an alternate reality, it shouldn’t have any impact on the upcoming relaunch book.

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