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Firestorm Appearance Today in Superman/Batman #84

Firestorm, albeit a bizarre alternate reality incarnation, is set to appear today in Superman/Batman #84.  Here is the solicit from DC Comics:

Superman must help the JLA of the future – Aquaman, Klarion the Warlock, Traci 13, Stanley and His Monster, Scream Queen and Jason Blood – in preventing Morgaine le Fey from traveling back in time to our era and destroying the sun! But Batman insists that you can’t change the past, and, well, Batman is kind of always right, so . . . hello, eternal darkness? Cullen Bunn (The Sixth Gun) and ChrisCross bring “Sorcerer Kings” to a sun-shattering conclusion!

Check out these preview pages from Comic Book Resources:

Superman/Batman #84 featuring Firestorm - click the image to enlarge

Superman/Batman #84 featuring Firestorm

Superman/Batman #84 featuring Firestorm

What the heck is Firestorm saying?  Anyone have an idea?  And what an interesting redesign for the character!  Very original!

The art in this book is done by ChrisCross, the initial artist for Firestorm vol 3.  ChrisCross was integral in the development of Jason Rusch’s original Firestorm look.  It’s nice to see him working on everybody’s favorite Nuclear Man again!

My thanks to Brandon Leonard for sending me a heads-up about this appearance!

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  1. Ed says:

    That is a pretty cool design. I’ve really enjoyed ChrisCross’s artwork in the past.
    This has me intrigued. I may pick up this issue just to check out what is going on there.

  2. Jon says:

    That looks a lot like one of the redesigns he originally pitched for Jason. Cool.

  3. J says:

    did you ever figure out what Firestorm was saying?

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