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Firestorm by Ethan Van Sciver – Possible Future Cover?

Check out this gorgeous drawing of the classic Firestorm by Ethan Van Sciver!  This was spotted by Warren Edward Jenkins at Armageddon Expo 2011 in Adelaide.  He posted it to the Ethan Van Sciver’s Official Fan Page on Facebook.

Firestorm by Ethan Van Sciver

Awesome drawing!  Okay, the next question is… what was this drawing for?  At first I assumed it was just a commission for a fan.  Then I noticed it’s on an actual comic book page, rather than a blank sheet of paper.  Also, you can see the blue pencil marks underneath the inked drawing.  Does that indicate it’s for a comic book cover?  He’s left enough room at the top for a logo.  Perhaps a variant cover for a Firestorm ongoing?  I’m just guessing, but a boy can hope!

My thanks to A.j. Chwaster for sending this my way!  Come back tomorrow and every day this week through Friday for more Firestorm sketches!

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  1. Rizzope (Jason) says:

    I find your post to be most interesting and yet another piece of the puzzle that I’ve been trying to solve. I’ve been suspecting that something is going on with VanSciver and Firestorm for that last couple of weeks. Ethan VanSciver is a friend of mine on Facebook and over the last couple of weeks I’ve seen some interesting posts. He posted a drawing of his “Favorite DC Heros to Draw”, which had Firestorm as the most prominent character on the page. Then a couple of days later Ethan posted that he had just purchased 103 issues of Firestorm comics off of Ebay. Now why the sudden interest in Firestorm? He’s a great artist but I’ve NEVER seen him do anything Firestorm related the past that wasn’t a paid commission piece. Most likely he’s doing some art for a Firestorm book but is he possibly writing something? I know DC has of late encouraged many of their artists to do some writing. Tony Daniel, David Finch to throw a couple out there, and Maybe Jeff Lemire but he’s already a writer/artist. Also Etahn VanSciver has been known to write a thing or two like the very amusing article he used to write on Newsarama a couple of years ago. Hmmmmmmm? Just thought I’d throw my random clues and speculation your way. Thanks Shag!

  2. Spinks says:

    Damn, this does look a like a cover…. and an awesome one at that. Nice find.


  3. brandon leonard says:

    very nice, but its old school Ronnie….unless its like a throw back variant i don’t think this is the cover. I don’t think that DC would re-launch a title and have it feature a past version of firestorm. it would be like launching superman with the cover beig in his red and blue spit forms doesn’t make sense lol

  4. Firestormfan89 says:

    That is an awesome sketch! It reminded me of something that happened at MegaCon in Orlando last month. During the DC Nation panel Dan Didio asked the question “What superhero is most underused or has the most potential?” Geoff Johns answered Firestorm citing the incredible visual appeal of a guy whose hair was on fire and when the question came to Ethan he also said Firestorm. I wonder if they know something they’re not telling us. Ethan was very secretive about his next project. Here’s hoping!

  5. Jon says:

    I’ve got convention sketches on DC board. Francis Manapul said he gets it free (or atleast cheap), so he just brings a stack with him. Same with the blue pencil, some of them will use it if that’s just what they’re used to. I do hope you’re right though.

    Rizzope’s got me thinking now- Ethan *can* actually write, I used to love his Cyber Frog comic way back when. Hmmmmm….

  6. Luke says:

    Sweet Merciful Crap! That’s bad ass!

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