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B’wana Beast Cosplay at DragonCon 2010

I never imagined I’d see anyone cosplay our favorite Jungle Master… but here it is!  At DragonCon 2010, this totally ripped dude pulled off a fantastic B’wana Beast!  I took these pictures myself during a DC Comics Cosplay photo shoot. The folks over at the Superhero Costuming Forum do an outstanding job organizing these photo shoots.

B'wana Beast cosplay at Dragon*Con 2010

B'wana Beast cosplay at DragonCon 2010

Below is B’wana Beast again along with a gorgeous Goblin Queen (Madelyne Pryor)!  I didn’t take this picture, but according to Flickr it was taken at the Silver Snail Halloween party in 2010.

B'wana Beast and Goblin Queen Madelyne Pryor cosplay - Katherine Curtis from News

Great job, B’wana Beast cosplay guy!

Support B’wana Beast! Do Justice to the Jungle Master!

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  1. Frank says:

    That dude was awesome! Hero of the Beach! And his girlfriend was… well, that dude is pretty ripped. What I think about his girlfriend is best kept between me and my personal lubricant.

  2. David H. says:

    oh man forget the Jungle Master i want that hot red head to do some justice to me! no doubt her face is quite pretty but look at that body! and if that’s his girlfriend then he doesn’t need the waters from the caves of Kilimanjaro to make his body swell to “heroic proportions”.

  3. Eyz says:

    This guy rocks! XD

  4. […] B’wana Beast Cosplay at DragonCon 2010 […]

  5. Xylina says:

    Actually B’wana is my boyfriend and the Goblin Queen is a good friend of ours.
    She is Katherine Curtis of the Naked News

  6. Timmy! says:

    The helmet may not have turned out perfect, but REALLY.. who is looking at the helmet anyway?!?! This stud’s body is the star here! Your boyfriend is a TOTAL BABE! Damn youre a lucky woman! Id never let this stud out of the house! His body is BANGING!

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