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Speculation: Firestorm New Series Launch Date

Fury of Firestorm logo from Brightest Day

We’ve been hearing rumors about a new Firestorm ongoing series since last September.  I got wondering with Brightest Day nearly complete, when would be the ideal time to launch this hypothetical new Firestorm ongoing?  You’d think it would be immediately after Brightest Day is finished.  Strike while the iron is hot, right?  Well, the comic book business is a little trickier than that.

Because of publications like Diamond’s Previews catalog it’s difficult to surprise anyone nowadays.  Previews announces all the upcoming books two months before publication.  Therefore, with Brightest Day ending in April, in order to release a Firestorm ongoing book in May it would have to be announced in March (before Brightest Day is even over).  It’s a safe bet DC doesn’t want to spoil the ending of Brightest Day, one of their best-selling books.  Therefore, I wouldn’t imagine any post-Brightest Day comics would be announced until the final issue of Brightest Day is on the stands.  That means the earliest DC would reveal any post-Brightest Day series is the May Previews catalog.  The May Previews catalog just so happens to promote books shipping in July. We already know a Firestorm trade paperback is shipping in July collecting the original 1978 series. Coincidence? I think not. DC typically releases collections of old comics when it ties-in with a current title. A collection of old Firestorm comics would theoretically tie-in with a new Firestorm series.  So a trade paperback in July could mean a new series in July or August.

The possibility of a new Firestorm ongoing series and it’s launch date are pure speculation, but the theory above seems feasible to me!

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  1. Luke says:

    July would work well for me. With Outsiders and Doom Patrol cancelled by then, I could afford to check the title out!

  2. Firestormfan89 says:

    My birthday is in July and DC knows just what I want, a new Firestorm ongoing series. Happy Birthday to me!

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