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Green Lantern Corps #57 Variant Cover

So Brightest Day #18 and Green Lantern Corps #56 both came out yesterday with no sign of the Nuclear Man anywhere.   … bummer …

The solicitation for GLC #56 indicated Firestorm would be involved, but I guess that’s just lead-up for the following issue.  Check out the gorgeous variant cover by Ed Benes for Green Lantern Corps #57!  Firestorm versus Sinestro!  It was featured Tuesday on the DC Universe: The Source blog.

Green Lantern Corps #57 Variant Cover featuring Sinestro and Firestorm

Dang that looks awesome!  My thanks to the Brandons – Brandon DP (Bdog) and Brandon Leonard – for the heads-up about this variant cover!

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  1. liquidcross says:

    I’ve learned to completely ignore the solicitations. They’re almost always wrong.

  2. Jon says:

    Meanwhile, there was a 2-panel appearance in Booster Gold #40. Sure it was only a STATUE of Ronnie in a 25th Century museum, and it was small, but you take what you can get 😉

  3. wow little disappointed with this issue, the variate cover suggest a confrontation between firestorm and sinestro…they don’t interact at all..still beautiful cover!

  4. Shag says:

    @Brandon – I have to agree. Firestorm’s appearance was promoted pretty heavy leading up to this issue, his logo was featured on the standard cover as “guest starring”, and there was the variant cover you mentioned. However, the reality was that Firestorm did practically nothing. He really served no purpose in the story. He spoke to Kyle, then left. He never even interacted with Sinestro.

    This smacks of the old 1990s appearances by Wolverine. He would often show up in other comics and on the cover, and yet he only appeared in a couple meaningless panels.

    To play devil’s advocate, it’s possible that Firestorm’s scenes got cut with the reduction in pages. DC reduced their page count starting in January from 22 pages to 20 pages, in an effort to hold the line at $2.99. I guess it’s possible Firestorm had more scenes, but they were cut with the last-minute change to the page count. Just speculation, but a possibility.

    Beyond Firestorm’s scenes, it was a good comic. The story of the Green Lanterns, the Sinestro Corps, and the Qwardians was a fun read!

    I’ve been corresponding since yesterday with another commenter on this post. I mentioned to him that I was going to hold my tongue about GLC #57. I just couldn’t keep quiet anymore. I’m weak. :)

    Again, it was a good comic. I was just disappointed with the build-up to Firestorm’s appearance as compared to what actually appeared in the comic.


  5. yea it was still nice to see him in another book, and i may be just pulling at thin air here but could Bedard be the new writer for firestorm? He handled the character well in this issue, so i wouldn’t be against him being the writer!

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