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Brightest Day #17 in stores today

Brightest Day #17 should be hitting stores today!  Last issue had quite the Earth-shattering cliffhanger (heh heh), so I’m looking forward to this next one!  A couple weeks ago we looked at David Finch’s cover for this issue.  From what I can gather, Firestorm is featured on the standard cover, while Aquaman gets the variant.  The DC Universe: The Source blog has released the final cover treatment which includes a symbol for Firestorm.  Pretty friggin’ sweet!

Brightest Day #17 cover featuring Firestorm by David Finch

Also worth noting, DC is currently using the artwork below of Firestorm to promote Brightest Day #21.  It appears to be by Scott Clark and Dave Beaty, the interior Firestorm artists on Brightest Day.  DC has indicated this is not the final cover artwork, but it’s still gorgeous!

Brightest Day #21 with Firestorm - Not final cover

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