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Mayfairstivus – Multiplex and Plastique

Today concludes my coverage of Mayfairstivus, the celebration of Mayfair Games’ DC Heroes Role-Playing Game! What a crossover it’s been!  Over 60 posts across 19 different blogs!  Unbelievable!  Just goes to show how much excitement this game system can generate.  Today we’ll be looking at the RPG statistics for a few more of Firestorm’s rogues: Multiplex and Plastique.  I apologize for missing yesterday here;  a lack of sleep and real-world stress finally caught up with me.


Both Multiplex and Plastique’s entries come from the Belle Reve Sourcebook, dedicated to the Suicide Squad.  There are psychological notes in each entry that pertain to the Squad and help flesh out the character for the reader.

Multiplex has always been one of my favorite Firestorm rogues.  The main reason for my love of the character is probably nostalgia.  Firestorm vol I #2 was one of the earliest Firestorm comics I purchased.   I must have read that comic one hundred times.  Another reason for my enjoyment of the character is the shared origin with Firestorm.  Both born from the same nuclear accident, Multiplex was Firestorm’s opposite number – Firestorm is the fusion of two people; Multiplex is fission of a single person into many.  Finally, I can’t help but love that Multiplex’s duplication power is limited to his own personal mass.  The more duploids he creates, the smaller they become.  Love that!  Don’t get me wrong, I recognize the cheese factor in Multiplex, but I simply don’t care.  He’s a classic Silver Age villain.

I hope we get to see this villain again as Firestorm begins new solo adventures.  Now that we’ve learned Firestorm contains the spark that started the Big Bang, I wonder what that means for Multiplex since he gained his powers in the same explosion.  Hmmm…  I smell a potential retcon coming!

Fury of Firestorm #15 featuring Multiplex

Multiplex Mayfair DC Heroes RPG statistics 1988

Plastique is a fan favorite rogue, but for reasons that escape me.  Sure she’s super-hot and got naked in her first appearance.  Beyond that, did any of her actions really rate being a top rogue for Firestorm?  She did appear fairly early in the Fury of Firestorm run, so she qualifies as one of Firestorm’s oldest rogues.  I’m not saying I don’t like the character, I just don’t personally consider her a “go to” villain for ole match-head.

Fury of Firestorm #7 featuring Plastique

Plastique Mayfair DC Heroes RPG statistics 1988


It’s a shame we never got statistics for other Firestorm rogues such as Typhoon, Hyena, the Enforcer, Tokamak, Zuggernaut, and Shadowstorm.  Stats were published for some other related characters, but I didn’t get a chance to feature them here during Mayfairstivus this year.  Black Bison appeared in the first edition box set.  Parasite had a Mayfair Who’s Who supplement page.  Finally, Naiad had a Mayfair Who’s Who supplement page that varied from the newsletter we presented during Mayfairstivus.  Perhaps we’ll look at these in some future posts.


Don’t forget, the Mayfairstivus celebration was spread across numerous blogs.  Below is a complete list of all the blog entries in the Mayfairstivus crossover.  Be sure to check out these fantastic posts!  If any further posts are published, I’ll update this list.

  • Black Canary, Big Barda & Starfire – Get Your Mayfairstivus On – GIRLS GONE GEEK

Thanks for helping us celebrate Mayfairstivus.   If you want to see more Mayfair-related posts in the future, let me know in the comments!

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  2. Skyfire124 says:

    I seem to recall Plastique eventually got involved with Captain Atom towards the end of his series, to the point of them living together. I never read the series, but I could swear Ive heard that a few times before. That sounded like a more interesting take on Plastique.

  3. Frank says:

    I like Plastique best of all the Firestorm villains. This is why:

    A) She’s super-hot.

    B) I’ve never read her first appearance, but I hear she got naked, and always struck me as the type.

    C) She has a cool name and a costume that started better than average by Firestorm standards, then got better.

    D) She’s a French-Canadian terrorist, which is unique and somewhat exotic.

    E) Captain Atom stole her to become one of his earliest and best Post-Crisis villains, plus she was in the first comics I read featuring Captain Atom.

    F) She was drawn by Pat Broderick, which is a good thing in the rare instances when his character design doesn’t suck.

    G) She married Captain Atom and went from femme fatale to sidekick, which sucked, but they forgot about that.

    H) She survived the Suicide Squad, which for a D-list villainess is a huge accomplishment and character builder.

    I) Firecrotch!

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