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Mayfairstivus Day 8 – Weasel, Mindboggler, Stalnoivolk and Zastrow

Welcome back for the eighth day of Mayfairstivus, the nine day celebration of Mayfair Games’ DC Heroes Role-Playing Game! Today we’ll be looking at the RPG statistics for a few more of Firestorm’s rogues: Weasel, Mindboggler, Stalnoivolk (Steel Wolf), and Zastrow!

Before I jump into today’s statistics, I wanted to mention two of the lovely ladies of Firestorm – Firehawk and Killer Frost.  In case you missed it, both of these characters RPG statistics were covered prior to the Mayfairstivus event.  I didn’t want anyone to think I was neglecting two critical characters in the Firestorm mythos. Below you’ll find links to those entries, plus one more for Firestorm himself.

Now, on with today’s rogues…


Both Weasel and Mindboggler’s entries come from the Belle Reve Sourcebook, dedicated to the Suicide Squad.  There are psychological notes in each entry that pertain to the Squad and help flesh out the character for the reader.

I don’t have a tremendous amount to say about the Weasel.  He was an adequate rogue, but felt somewhat like a Hyena stand-in.  I thought resurrecting him in Blackest Night was an interesting choice.

Fury of Firestorm #38 featuring the Weasel

Weasel Mayfair DC Heroes RPG statistics 1988

Mindboggler was never one of my favorite rogues.  I liked what was done with her later in Suicide Squad, but her Firestorm appearances didn’t blow me away.  Illusion and mind control powers are not my preferred power set for villains.  Typically superhero struggles are a physical affair.  Often when mental powers enter the mix, it fails to translate for the reader.  That is not always the case, but more often than not.  My opinion is also probably tied to her appearance.  While punk was popular in the 1980s, I’m not sure this is what it looked like.

Fury of Firestorm featuring Mindboggler

Mindboggler Mayfair DC Heroes RPG statistics 1988


Both Zastrow and Stalnoivolk’s (Steel Wolf) entries come from Mayfair’s Atlas of the DC Universe.  I always liked Stalnoivolk.  He was sort of like a Soviet Captain America with the face of Joseph Stalin.  He wasn’t a super villain, he was just a super-powered soldier that followed orders.  Zastrow was just plain creepy.  Great character and interesting to read about, but creepy.

Fury of Firestorm #62 featuring Zastrow

Firestorm the Nuclear Man #71 featuring Stalnoivolk and Zastrow

Stalnoivolk and Zastrow Mayfair DC Heroes RPG statistics 1990


Don’t forget, the Mayfairstivus celebration continues at the following blogs!  We’re winding down, but check out these blogs through the end of Hanukkah.

Come back tomorrow when we put a bow on this celebration!  We’ll wrap up our Mayfairstivus coverage with Multiplex and Plastique!

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  1. Firestormfan89 says:

    Feliz Mayfairstividad! Of the 4 rogues discussed today, my favorite was Zastrow. He was uber-creepy. Mindblogger reminds me of those girls in “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” who all dressed like Pat Benetar.

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  3. David H. says:

    last i heard the Weasel killed The Thinker but was blasted to bits by Rick Flag who was momentarily using the Thinker’s helmet in which he was acting on a subconcious left over mental command. Mindboggler was killed on the first Suicide Squad mission but was some how “reincarnated” in digital form to be used by the terrorist for hire group The Jihad. eventually she ended up “marrying” an Israel artificial intelligence computer system so that had a happy ending. I’m sure it was a lovely Jewish wedding. Stalnoivolk (also a former short term Suicide Squad member) is still at large last i heard and although he has super human strength non-powered opponents like Batman and Bronze Tiger still manage to get the best of him thanks to their superior fighting skills. great observation on the Stalin look alike thing i never noticed that! Zastrow also appeared in the pages of the Suicide Squad and yes he was his usual creep KGB self. of the people to put that creep in his place was Captain Boomerang who knocked his Zastrow’s russian ass out cold. as i’m writing this comment i may have a good posting idea for my Suicide Squad blog.

  4. Frank says:

    I never looked beyond the lameness of a Nuclear Man having villains based on two of the least reputable furry woodland creatures to realize just how insanely awful the Weasel was. Disgruntled classmate who dressed like a were-rodent in a one piece bathing suit to murder over imagined slights? I think maybe Gerry Conway was the one who needed a trip to Arkham. From now on, I think I’m going to blame the Weasel for his move from comics to The Father Dowling Mysteries.

    I was about to defend Mindboggler, whom I only know from house ads & Who’s Who, when I realized that I had once again confused her with Twister, who I liked a lot in Raise The Flag. I totally want to read a comic about a punk rock girl drawn by George Tuska, though.

    I wish Zastrow and Stalnoivolk had come along a lot earlier. Awesome Iron Curtain characters who struck hard with what life the Soviet spectre had left before Glasnost ruined everything. It occurs to me though that they could totally work again as agents of Putin’s Russia. Food for thought as inevitable talk of a new Firestorm series commences…

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