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Mayfairstivus Day 2 – Firestorm

Welcome back for the second day of Mayfairstivus, the nine day celebration of Mayfair Games’ DC Heroes Role-Playing Game! Today we’ll be looking at role-playing statistics for the original Firestorm and the “Blank Slate” incarnation.


One of the things I love the most about the DC Heroes box sets are the character cards.  The cards from the first edition measure 3.25″ by 4.25″.  Below you’ll find the Firestorm character card (front and back) included in the 1985 edition of the DC Heroes RPG.  I’m fairly confident this beautiful artwork is by Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez.

Firestorm in 1985 Mayfair DC Heroes RPG

Firestorm in 1985 Mayfair DC Heroes RPG

Also included in the first edition were super-cool character tokens to be used for tabletop play action.  Below is the token for the Firestorm.  Love it!!!

Firestorm in 1985 Mayfair DC Heroes RPG


Over time Mayfair tweaked the system, changed some rules, and reassessed several characters statistics.  Below you’ll find the original Firestorm’s statistics as they appeared in 1993.  Several characteristics and powers had changed since the first edition above.   There is also a short section below dedicated to the “Blank Slate” incarnation of the character.

Firestorm in 1993 Mayfair DC Heroes Who's Who Supplement RPG

The section above on “Firestorm Reborn” has always bothered me.  They state the “Blank Slate” incarnation of Firestorm has the same stats as the original version.  I don’t agree.  When Mikhail joined the matrix, he brought with him some of the Pozhar powers.  For example, the “Blank Slate” Firestorm was able to shoot eye beams and create lava geysers.  The original Firestorm never demonstrated these abilities. The statistics above include three vision powers, including “Heat Vision”.  These powers weren’t present in 1985 statistics, nor in the Firestorm entry in the 1990 Justice League Sourcebook.  I suggest the inclusion of vision powers in the statistics above should only apply to the “Blank Slate” version.

Additionally, I believe the “Blank Slate” Firestorm should have the power of “Bomb” to represent his lava geyser power.  Finally, I would suggest the “Blank Slate” Firestorm’s Dexterity and Willpower would be lower than the original Firestorm’s.

*Whew* Glad that’s off my chest.  I went so geeky with that commentary I think I spooked myself.  It’s just a game, dude.  Chill out!  :)


Don’t forget, the Mayfairstivus celebration continues at the following blogs!  Be sure to check them out throughout the Mayfairstivus celebration (Dec. 1-9).

Be sure to come back tomorrow when we look at the RPG statistics for the Elemental Firestorm!

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    Ha! the Firestorm game token happens to be standing on my desk right now! It’s a Mayfairstivus miracle!

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    Great post! I hope to get the Martian Manhunter material you sent me formatted and posted for this crossover. My tests got moved up, so I’ll be done this semester (one way or another) on Tuesday.

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