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Favorite Covers: Fury of Firestorm Annual #2

One of my all-time favorite Firestorm covers.  Cover art by Rafael Kayanan and Dick Giordano.

Fury of Firestorm Annual #2

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  2. Outburst says:

    I agree, it’s fantastic. I have to admit that when I was a kid, I didn’t pay much attention to the specific artists on any issue, unless I noticed a dramatic change in the style and that really didn’t happen for me until Joe Brozowski got involved.
    To this day, when I compare the Broderick pencilled issues and the Kayanan ones, they are close enough in style that it was fairly seamless to me. But Broderick actually drew me to other books, without me even knowing that it was the familiar artwork that I liked. Broderick did great work on Alpha Flight (Canada’s X-Men) and although I don’t think he was drawing flametop at the time of the great crossovers with Captain Atom, once I started picking up the Captain’s title, I noticed the familiar stylings of Mr. Broderick there too.
    It’s interesting now to look back and see the interplay that Broderick and Kayanan had. If I’m correct, there wasn’t a clean hand-off between the two and I believe both worked alternately on Firestorm for many of the same time periods, which happen to be among my favourites.
    My fav cover though, is probably either #20 because they knew how to make that crazy Killer Frost hot and deadly back then, or #26, for its awesome simplicity.

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