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New Page Header Featuring the Blank Slate Firestorm

Some of you eagle-eyed readers may have noticed that the page header here on FIRESTORM FAN frequently changes.  It’s set to randomly select a header every time you visit.  Go ahead, click refresh and watch the header.  Since it’s random, it’s possible you’ll see the same header again.  If you do, just click refresh again.  Its okay, we’ll wait for you.  … … …

See, I told you.  Pretty neat, huh!  To start with, I want at least one header representing each incarnation of Firestorm.  Eventually, I want a zillion different headers.  Up until now, the Blank Slate Firestorm wasn’t represented in any of the headers.  Given how similar he looks to the original Firestorm, I was having trouble making him easily identifiable.  This past weekend I got the idea to incorporate the United States and Soviet flags with some of Joe Brozowski’s artwork.  That seemed like a great way to quickly identify this Firestorm as the Blank Slate version.  A little photoshop later and viola!

Blank Slate Firestorm with U.S. and Soviet flags

I kind of dig the imagery.  I think I’ll keep this graphic around to represent the Blank Slate version when needed.  Hope you like it!

By the way, there are a total of nine different page headers for FIRESTORM FAN.  How many have you seen?

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  1. Ed says:

    On, sort of, a related note: I, ironically, just finished re-reading the issue that image came from, Annual #5, this morning. Even after all these years that is a fantastic issue and a great cliffhanger into issue #65.

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