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The Firestorm Series That Almost Was, Written by Geoff Johns

A while back I published a lengthy post on the aborted Firestorm series from 2003 by Mike Carey and Lewis LaRosa.  I’d heard rumors of another series proposed several years ago by Geoff Johns that never came to be.  Well… my thanks to Firestorm fan Florian Schwalenberg for sending me some background information on that rumored series!

Wizard Magazine #132 (cover dated July 31, 2002) ran an article on “The 10 greatest comic book stories never told!”  Beyond the primary 10, they listed another nine comic stories that went missing in action.  My thanks to Florian Schwalenberg for a scan of that page.  Click the image to enlarge.

Wizard Magazine #132 - Comic Stories Never Told

Here is a close-up of the Firestorm section:

Wizard Magazine #132 - Firestorm Series that Never Was by Geoff Johns

This leaves me wondering if it was simply a proposal by Johns or was he actually slated to write Firestorm vol. III.  Also, I can’t help but wonder if Stuart Moore was influenced by Johns’ idea when he merged Jason and Gehenna.  Hmmm… we may never know.   Thanks again to Florian Schwalenberg for the scan!

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  1. Brandon DP says:

    Wow I didn’t know this. Now was he going to use Doreen? I think the last time we saw her she was running away from Ronnie because she thought he was a murderer during the elemental era.

  2. Robert Gross says:

    That’s true. I have to think he means Lorraine.

    Firestorm would merge with women during the Jason Rusch years. It kind of destroyed the premise that two physical bodies were merging, more or less atom for atom, into one body. It redefined Firestorm as a single host body (Rusch) and someone else relegated into the interdimensional “matrix.” Whatever. I guess if that opens up the possibilities of more mergers, then great.

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