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Firestorm in Music of DC Comics: 75th Anniversary Collection

Watch out match-heads, I’m feeling particularly nuclear! Watch this space for a new post each day this week through Friday! I can’t promise this kind of frequency on a regular basis, but I’m just brimming with Firestorm goodness this week!

The Music of DC Comics: 75th Anniversary Collection CD was released in September.  The album features soundtracks from numerous DC Comics related properties, such as: John Williams’ theme to Superman, Danny Elfman’s theme to Batman, Super Friends, Teen Titans, and more. Our friend Walter from the Booster Gold site was kind enough to send a scan of the super-cool inside tray art.

DC Comics 75th Anniversary

Wow!  What an awesome collection of characters!  Artist credits listed in the CD go to — Pencils: Adam Dekracker, Brett Breeding, Ryan Sook, Jon Bogdanove, Ian Churchill, Craig Hamilton, Jonboy Meyers, Matthew Clark, Tom Derrinick, Mike McKone, and Admira Wijayai; Inks: Brett Breeding, Ryan Sook, Joe Rubenstein. Colors: Raul Trevino, Dave McCaig, Ryan Kinnard, and Richard Horie.

Long time readers may recognize some of this art.  A portion of this artwork was used in the Warner Bros Consumer Products promo back in June.  While the majority of the image remains as we saw it in June, a few of the characters have been moved around.  For example, Booster Gold, Mr. Terrific, Blue Beetle, Eclipso, and Cyborg have all been moved to different positions.  Most interesting is that Aquaman has been completely redrawn for this larger image.  The image we saw in June featured Aquaman in his Brightest Day costume.  This image features Aquaman in his classic outfit.

Some of the character choices for this collage are interesting.  The image features many folks in their iconic appearance, rather than their current costume or identity.  Folks that have changed identity, yet appear as the classic version here are: Don Hall as Dove, Dick Grayson as Nightwing, and Barbara Gordon as Batgirl.  Classic costumes featured here include: Firestorm, Blue Devil, Martian Manhunter, Wonder Woman, and Batman.  I’m also left wondering why they chose to feature Kyle Rayner as Parallax, and why does Hourman have a beard? Bizarre!

Here is a close-up shot of Firestorm, Booster Gold, and Aquaman.

Firestorm, Booster Gold, Aquaman

My thanks to Walter of for sending these scans my way!

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  1. Ed says:

    Something else interesting to note is we see Starman Jack Knight. What’s it been? Like 10 years or something since we’ve seen Jack Knight?

  2. Keith G. Baker says:

    Great pic. Thanks for sharing.
    I think the bearded Hourman might be JSA’s Starman, Thom Kallor, with a hood added to his costume.

  3. Shag says:

    Ed – Good catch! They’ve been publishing the omnibuses (omnibi?). Maybe that’s why they included Jack.

    Keith – Could be, but he appears to be wearing a necklace which would make sense for Hourman’s hourglass. Anyone else got a guess?

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  5. Doug says:

    I may just be missing him, but I didn’t see Darkseid. I do, however, see Steppenwolf. . . odd.

  6. Mark says:

    They have Kid Flash, but no Superboy or Robin?

  7. Zel says:

    Funny how Ivy is missing. Maybe not as important as Superboy or Robin, but it’s interesting since Harley’s there, and you’d assume Ivy may be there as well (since they are buddies and all, and Ivy is an older character to the DC/Batman line-up of rogues).

    But there are additions I’m really happy to see make this collage.

  8. max says:

    it is true that superboy,Robin and steppenwolf is not listed

  9. Ralph says:

    Who is that character, with the green face, standing in front of Two-Face? Brainiac? But I can’t find him anywhere wearing that helmet. I’ve got a DC coloring book with that character fighting Superman and I’d like to see more of him, so I know which colors to use 😀 Thanks!

    1. Shag says:

      Hi Ralph – Yes, I believe that is Brainiac. Oddly enough, I can’t find any images with that helmet either. However, the costume looks fairly consistent with 2009/2010 appearances of the character.

      1. Ralph says:

        Hi Shag, thanks for your reply! I also asked the same question on the Boosterrific blog and they solved the mystery… I figured that you might want to know the answer as well; it’s Brainiac 2.5. It seems to be a rare version though, as even knowing the name doesn’t give you a whole lot of Google Image search results. Anyway, thanks again!

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