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Back to School with Firestorm and the JLA

Wal-Mart is currently carrying a variety of superhero related back-to-school gear.  One particular item of interest to Firestorm fans is the folder and spiral notebook below!

Back to School Firestorm merchandise - Justice League of America #217 by George Perez

Both feature a reproduction of the cover to Justice League of America #217 as drawn by the amazing George Perez.  Here is a better shot of the spiral notebook.

Back to School Firestorm merchandise - Justice League of America #217 by George Perez

Below you’ll find a close-up of Firestorm from these pieces of merchandise.

Back to School Firestorm merchandise - Justice League of America #217 by George Perez

While they are not Firestorm-specific pieces, I’m thrilled to see him on any merchandise.  How cool is it that there are kids going to school this year with Firestorm on their notebook?!?!?  That makes me happy!

A very special thanks to Patrick Wait for sending me information on these school supplies!

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  1. Doug says:

    THIS is what puts the COOL in school!

    I’m going to have to go WalMarting today.

  2. outburst says:

    Wow, I’d buy a dozen of these if I saw them! Love George Perez’s JLA work.

  3. Randy says:

    There are a few other DC designs in the Set. They also had a poster of this and the other designs. There was also a pencil case. All items were available in the 4 or so designs.

    I know there was a Wonder Woman. Can’t remember the rest.

    They are Awesome.

  4. Frank says:

    Easily one of my favorite JLA covers– possibly even the favorite. With my girlfriend bugging me to buy my school supplies, I may just stock up on these. I do get mopey because J’Onn J’Onzz’s presence on merchandise is rapidly diminishing, though.

  5. Frank says:

    I swear, this thing is a pain to scan right. The Wonder Woman ones aren’t giving me near as much trouble. :)

  6. rob! says:

    A piece of merch without Batman, Flash, or Green Lantern? Pretty remarkable, from a purely financial perspective.

    That aside, a great iconic cover to use. More, please, DC Originals!

  7. kai charles says:

    what’s even cooler is I got a girl cut T-shirt with that same design! and a Supergirl shirt . I’m amazed I find more ladies comic book themed shirts at wal-mart than any comic convention :)

  8. Dan says:

    Wow this is really sweet. I loved this cover when it first come out, with all the cover elements fading into the distance…. If only these were the type of characters we got here!

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