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Firestorm in WB Consumer Products Promo

Somewhat surprisingly, Firestorm appears in a recent promotional image from Warner Bros. Consumer Products.  The image below comes from License! Global which is gearing up for their big licensing show in Las Vegas next week.  It was released along with some promo art for the upcoming Green Lantern film.  Visit for further information.

Warner Bros. Consumer Products promo piece with Firestorm

I’m thrilled Firestorm rated enough to appear in this artwork, on the second row to boot!  I assume they chose the classic Firestorm look (as opposed to his current Brightest Day look) because the Consumer Products division focuses on the “iconic” versions of the DC heroes.  Other “iconic” characters appearing include: Batgirl, Blue Devil, and Martian Manhunter.  Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) appears in his current costume (post-Green Lantern: Rebirth), but that sort of makes sense as DC is pushing him and banking on his future popularity created by the upcoming feature film.  The oddball is Aquaman appearing in his Brightest Day costume.  I guess since his costume change was so minor they didn’t have issue with using the new version.  Total speculation on my part.

The layout of characters is actually quite interesting from a marketing point of view.  The primary focus of the image is Green Lantern, Batman, and Superman. This seems to suggest they are the new trinity for DC from a merchandising perspective.  Sorry Wonder Woman, you’re stuck on the second row wedged behind Clark and J’Onn.  Beyond the big three in the front row, the eye seems to travel in a triangle upwards to Aquaman, Flash, and Green Arrow.  Those six characters form what I’ll call the “central pyramid” in this image.  That seems logical given the amount of merchandise out there featuring the characters from the central pyramid.  What is surprising is that Wonder Woman didn’t make it into the central pyramid, and that characters like Martian Manhunter and Zatanna share the front row.  WTF?  Are we celebrating Justice League Detroit here or something?  And Firestorm, Blue Devil, and the Weather Wizard rate the second row?  Really?  Not Hawkman, Atom, Captain Marvel, or others?  I can only hope this is foreshadowing to a major merchandising push for Firestorm!  That’s right folks, let’s celebrate the rising of the Nuclear Man!  Before you know it, he’ll be on lunch boxes, spiral notebooks, puffy stickers, and silly bandz.  … not.  Oh well, a boy can dream.

For those of you that read both FIRESTORM FAN and ONCE UPON A GEEK, sorry for some repeat information today.

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  1. Dixon says:

    Who would have thought a relatively inconspicuous Rogue would be sharing the spotlight with some of the Justice League’s elite? Way to make a name for yourself, Mark Mardon! Clearly, the Weather Wizard will be taking over the DC Universe’s marketing by storm! (Then again…)

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