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Blackest Night Firestorm Action Figure in Stores Today

Be sure to hit your local comic shops today as the Black Lantern Firestorm action figure is due to be released.

Black Lantern Firestorm action figure

Black Lantern Firestorm action figure

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  1. DOug says:

    Sadly my LCS was out of these. They only ordered full pre-ordered sets.

    This weekend looks like it’ll be focused on chasing one of these bad boys down!

    I’ve also been thinking since DC really blew the doors off with Blackest Night action figures (8 series, nearly 40 figures so far) is it too much to hope for Brightest Day figures? The “new” Firestorm and Hawk would look really cool on my shelf. . .

  2. Shag says:

    Doug – Good luck finding one. I’ve been out of town, so I’m hoping my LCS is still holding the one I pre-reserved.

    I’d love a Brightest Day Firestorm figure. That would be awesome!

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