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Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths post-game report

The Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths DVD came out last Tuesday and it’s phenomenal!  Great story and action!  I’ll be doing a full review over at ONCE UPON A GEEK sometime in the near future, so watch for that.

As discussed here previously, Firestorm is used in a couple scenes of the film. He is a minor character and primarily appears during a large fight scene in which he battles the evil version of Captain Marvel Jr.  This is the Jason Rusch version of Firestorm and he’s from the “good” Earth. Firestorm is voiced by Cedric Yarbrough and his costume is based upon the Jamal Igle version from Firestorm vol III.  Dwayne McDuffie wrote the story for this movie; McDuffie wrote a few issues of Firestorm vol III and a JLA run with Jason.  Below is a still of Firestorm using his transmutation powers during the large battle. Click here to see how Firestorm handles himself during the fight.

Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths - Firestorm

If you’re like me, you were wondering if there was an evil Crime Syndicate doppelganger of Firestorm.  Well for those eagle-eyed viewers, or those that thought to pause, there was a very brief appearance.  The shot below reveals several of Super-Woman’s henchmen.  Among them on the bottom row towards the center is clearly an evil parallel to Firestorm.  Rather than a red headpiece, his is green and features a radioactive symbol.  I can’t help but wonder what his name is.  Meltdown?  Fallout?  Nuclear Winter?

Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths

Justice League Crisis on Two Earths - Firestorm

Even though Firestorm’s part is minor, the film is definitely worth checking out.

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  1. Luke says:

    Evil Hawkman (Blood Eagle?) looks pretty pissed off. I always thought it would be funny for the “evil” Hawkman to be calm and laid back. Like the “evil” Cartman from that early episode of South Park!

  2. Kaelin says:

    Superman vs Ultra Man
    Batman vs Owlman
    Wonder Woman vs Superwoman
    Flash vs Johnny Quick
    Green Lantern vs Power Ring
    Martian Manhunter vs Jedd Jarkus
    Hawkgirl vs Angelique
    Black Lightning vs Black Power
    Looker vs Model Citizen
    Halo vs Aurora
    Elongated Man vs Extruded Man
    Vixen vs Vamp
    Katana vs Sai
    Vibe vs Breakdance
    Gypsy vs Fortuneteller
    Lobo vs Warwolf
    Green Arrow vs Archer
    Black Canary vs Scream Queen
    Wonder Girl vs Olympia
    Captain Marvel vs Captain Super
    Captain Marvel Jr. vs Captain Super Jr.
    Uncle Marvel vs Uncle Super
    Catwoman vs She-Bat
    Metamorpho vs Megamorpho
    Mary Marvel vs Mary Mayhem
    Hawkman vs Manhawk
    Mister Terrific vs Mister Horrific
    Blue Beetle vs Scarab
    Aquaman vs Barracuda
    Atom vs Nuclear
    Cyborg vs Battalion
    Wildcat vs Jungle Cat
    Sandman vs Sandstorm
    Swamp Thing vs Thing Swamp
    Power Girl vs Power Woman
    Nightwing vs Nightingale
    Firestorm vs Meltdown
    Zatanna vs Annataz
    Red Tornado vs Cyclone
    Doctor Fate vs Doctor Chaos
    Batgirl vs Owlgirl
    Supergirl vs Ultra Girl
    Robin vs Talon
    Soloman Grundy vs Thompson
    Booster Gold vs Dark Boost
    Captain Atom vs Captain Nuclear
    Huntress vs Huntswoman
    Animal Man vs Wildlife Man
    Question vs Silent
    B’wana Beast vs Man Beast
    Starman vs Spaceman
    Fire vs Fiero
    Ice vs Frostbite
    Jimmy Olsen vs Mister Action
    Joker vs Jester
    Doctor Mid-Nite vs Doctor Noon
    Harley Quinn vs Harley (jester’s pet monkey)
    Deathstroke vs Slade Wilson
    Ravager vs Rose Wilson

    1. NB says:

      That’s atom, nightwing and grundy on the picture ?

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