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Nuclear News – 2010-02-03 – B&B Cartoon Sneak Peek, Figures, Legos

Welcome to another installment of FIRESTORM FAN’s Nuclear News! Here are some news and web findings on our favorite hothead.

Firestorm in Batman: The Brave and the Bold

  • It’s been announced that Firestorm will appear in the upcoming direct-to-video animated feature, Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths.  Firestorm will be voiced by Cedric Yarbrough.  At this time it’s not clear if the Firestorm in the feature will be from the “good” Earth of the Justice League, or the “evil” Earth of the Crime Syndicate.  World’s Finest Online has the cast rundown for the feature.  My thanks to Joshua Wolf and Max Henderson for sending this information my way.
  • The Ronnie Raymond Firestorm DC Universe Infinite Heroes figure has started appearing in stores.  Keep your eyes out for this figure.  Get it before it disappears.  My thanks to CJ/Outburst for the heads-up on this.

Firestorm Infinite Heroes action figure

  • Kurt Harris put together a fun line-drawing showing what a Firestorm Lego figure might look like.  You can find Kurt Harris’ work on Flickr.

Firestorm Lego

  • Over at the Favorite Fiction blog, Marcus McElhaney has put together another Firestorm battle using the customized Capcom fighting game.  This time out it’s Firestorm versus Marvel’s Quasar from the 1990s. If you can’t view the embedded video below, please click here.

  • Finally, Ninjabot1000 on YouTube has put together a review of the DC Universe Classics Worlds Greatest Superheroes Firestorm action figure. It’s about 7 minutes long and goes into great detail about the figure.  If you can’t view the embedded video below, please click here.

Don’t forget to watch Firestorm on Batman: The Brave and the Bold this Friday, February 5 at 7:30pm (ET)!

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  1. Luke says:

    The same night that Firestorm debuts on B:TB&TB, Hawkman debuts on Smallville, along with Dr. Fate and Stargirl! Should be a fun night!

    I imagine that Firestorm will be Ronnie and Jason after Blackest Night, although I am not 100% sold on that combination yet. I mean, what is Ronnie going to say in Jason’s head? “Hit that guy! Now hit that guy!” Didn’t Jason get put over in Justice League of America as being smart and learning very quickly after he used antifreeze on Killer Frost? I just don’t know what Ronnie brings to the table.

    Maybe this episode will convince me. :) If nothing else, The Nuclear Man looks awesome in TB&TB style — almost like one of the New Gods!

  2. James says:

    And on top of that, THE RIDDLER.

    We saw already how a Jason/Ronnie FS would work in that story arc of the last Firestorm series. Ronnie didn’t act like he knew EVERYTHING, but was kind of a voice of experience nonetheless (and didn’t some FS fans push for him to finally go beyond just being a dumb jock? After all, he would have been a veteran hero by now?). If they have the “switching” power they had in that arc, that would be cool too.

    And I have lost track…what happened to Martin Stein since the FS book was cancelled? Last I remember him and Jason were the “ideal” combo. Speaking of the Professor, I wonder if the gentleman explaining the lab is actually meant to be him…?

  3. outburst says:

    Phew, Ronnie as coach is much more palatable than the previously mentioned science teacher.
    Glad to know that someone on the show knows their history.

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