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Rogues Gallery: Killer Frost part 2

Back in August I posted the first “Rogues Gallery” entry on Killer Frost, promising the same week would also feature further images of her.  That will teach me not to make promises.  :)

Today we’ll be presenting several Killer Frost images.  Most of these were taken from lazy afternoon web surfing, so I’m unable to identify the artist for many of them.  I apologize to any artist who I fail to credit.  If a reader can identify a particular artist that I’ve missed, please feel free to leave that in the comments.

Below is a close-up from the cover to The Fury of Firestorm the Nuclear Man #20 (1984).  I’ve always liked the cover, but this zoomed-in shot is particularly nice.  Art by Rafael Kayanan and Dick Giordano.

Below is a nice image of Killer Frost from one of her earlier appearances.  I believe this may be a George Perez drawing.

Below are two shots of Killer Frost as she appeared in the Justice League Unlimited animated series (2003).  Mattel still hasn’t made a JLU Killer Frost action figure yet, but there are lots of customs on the net.

Below are two cheesecake shots of Killer Frost from her time with the Suicide Squad (2002).  During this era, they really softened her looks and played up her attractiveness.  I guess they figured since she was an antiheroine with the Suicide Squad, she needed to be made really sexy. The first image was drawn by Paco Medina.

Below is the gorgeous cover to Green Arrow #55 (2005) by James Jean.

Below are three shots of Killer Frost in her post-Underworld Unleashed outfit.  She still wears this costume to this day.

The shot below is by Jamal Igle from Firestorm vol III.

Finally, here is the origin of Killer Frost as presented by Scott Beatty and Jamal Igle in Countdown #25 (2007).  You can find this origin story on the DC Comics web site.

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  1. Shag says:

    I just found out that Killer Frost also appeared in the new DVD “Superman/Batman: Public Enemies”. Pretty cool (no pun intended)!


  2. outburst says:

    I don’t really care for the new Frost’s outfit. The bathing suit style may be sexy, but its overdone and seems very impractical to me.
    I always preferred her original costume which I think was the princess-like dress. It was very appropriate for her icy personality.

  3. Shag says:

    I was wrong about the second image, turns out its by Pat Broderick from Fury of Firestorm The Nuclear Man (volume II) #4. Here is the full page:


  4. David H. says:

    This is an awesome posting! I’ts got almost every version of Killer Frost on it from the cartoon version to the prom dress and then to the bikini model look she’s more sporting these days. A good introduction for those who want to get more familiar with the character it’s too bad she didn’t have more of a tour of duty with the Suicide Squad.

  5. El says:

    nice site, always was a big fan of Firestorm & co,

    just a line 2nd of Killer Frost was done by Pat Broderick & Rafael Kayana

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