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Nuclear News – 2009.10.12 – Recent Firestorm Appearances

Seems like Firestorm is all over the place right now.  Below is a list of recent appearances you may wish to track down.  Besides Blackest Night, I don’t know of any other upcoming Firestorm appearances.  The comics below may very well be the final Firestorm appearances pre-Blackest Night continuity.

  • Blackest Night #3 (of 8 ) (shipped on September 16) – We’ve already discussed this issue at great length here.
  • Justice League of America #37 (shipped September 23) – The JLA wraps-up their battle with the Royal Flush Gang.  This is the last issue of the current Justice League line-up before James Robinson takes over.  In this one, Jason is paired with Vixen.  He gets to throw a few punches, shoot a number of blasts, and transmute one thing.  Outside of that, not a major spotlight for him.
  • Justice League of America 80-Page Giant (shipped September 30) –  In a fun tale, Green Arrow and the Jason Rusch Firestorm end up on a deserted island in 1942. Then a battle between The Bride of Frankenstein and Ra’s Al Ghul erupts in the skies above them. Believe it or not, Green Arrow starts quoting Star Trek’s ideals on disrupting the time/space continuum.  Lots of humor in this one.  Gehenna is used really well in this story.  Funny stuff.
  • Final Crisis Aftermath: Run! #6 (of 6) (shipped October 7) – The Jason Rusch Firestorm appears in the final issue of this mini-series as he tries to help take down the Human Flame.  Check out the DC Source blog for some images from this issue.
  • Justice League: Cry for Justice #4 (of 6) (shipped October 7) – A really strange cameo that’s got everyone confused.  On the final page of this issue, the “Cry for Justice” Leaguers are confronted by a more traditional JLA team.  Among them appears to be the Ronnie Raymond Firestorm.  Huh?  Speculation ranges from artist mistake to a possible early-leak of the post-Blackest Night Firestorm.  Personally I believe this to be an artist mistake.  Given how closely James Robinson works with Geoff Johns, I doubt Robinson would accidently leak the results of Blackest Night, nor do I believe James Robinson is confused about who Firestorm is currently.

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