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Nuclear News – More Firestorm Toys Announced and other SDCC News

Welcome to another installment of FIRESTORM FAN’s Nuclear News! Lots of Firestorm news came out of the San Diego Comic Con (SDCC).  Y’know, considering the current version of Firestorm doesn’t have his own book anymore, and the other version of Firestorm is dead… there sure are a lot of things going on!

The biggest Firestorm news out of SDCC is that there are several new Firestorm action figures on the horizon.

  • Mattel is producing a Firestorm action figure for the Justice League Unlimited line.  The figure is the classic Firestorm altered to fit the Justice League Unlimited cartoon style.  It will be sold as a single figure at Target and is due out sometime in 2009.  Picture from Toy News International.

  • Mattel is also producing a Firestorm action figure for the DC Universe: Infinite Heroes line.  This is their relatively new line of DC characters done in the smaller 3 3/4 inch scale.  This figure will also be the classic Firestorm.  It will be sold as a single figure and is due out sometime in 2009.  Picture from Toy News International (but was cleaned up considerably before posting here).

  • There will be a Firestorm action figure in the Batman: The Brave & the Bold line, however, this one will be the Jason Rusch Firestorm. His look will be altered slightly to fit the Batman: The Brave & the Bold cartoon style.  Picture from Michael Crawford’s Review of the Week.

  • It was announced that Firestorm will appear in the upcoming DC Universe Online MMORPG.  While the established DC characters will not be playable, they will make appearances in the game.  See Video Games for a complete list of characters.
  • During the Batman: The Brave & the Bold panel at SDCC, they confirmed Firestorm will appear in season 2 of the cartoon series.  See ComicVine for more details.
  • While at SDCC, they revealed a few members of James Robinson’s upcoming Justice League of America team. Unfortunately, Firestorm wasn’t on the list of people revealed.  There are still a few unrevealed members of the team at this point, so there is a chance Firestorm will remain a JLAer.  See Newsarama for more details.
  • And finally, here is a guy who dressed up as Firestorm at SDCC.  It takes a brave man to wear black eye make-up and a flaming wig in public. Picture from Reliable Comics Flickr.

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  1. Ed says:

    Awesome costume. However, I would have added more shoulder pads and made the pants a little tighter with bell-bottoms.
    I haven’t purchased an action figure in at least 10 years. I’m thinking I may buy that JLU figure.

  2. Randy says:

    Great Costume and it takes stones to wear it. Part Firestorm/part freaky goth jester.

    All of the figures look great. I especially love the Blackest Night figure. I am surprised at how much I like the B: TB&TB as I am not a huge JR/Firestorm fan. Mine has always been RR. I think I still have my old Super Powers one in a box at home.

  3. rob! says:

    I’m glad they’re finally doing a Firestorm figure in the JLU style–now I can have a complete* classic JLA in the JLU style!

    (*well, ok…almost complete–there’s no Hal Jordan or Classic Aquaman)

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