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Ronnie Raymond Appearance This Saturday?

We’ve known for quite some time that Ronnie Raymond will be a Black Lantern in the upcoming Blackest Night crossover.  Well, Blackest Night #0 is being released this Saturday, May 2, and rumor has it that Ronnie will make a cameo.  The rumors I’ve heard state that Ronnie’s gravestone will be seen in the issue, and possibly Ronnie himself on the last page.  I can’t wait!  By the way, Blackest Night #0 is being given away free on Saturday as part of FREE COMIC BOOK DAY.  C’mon… it’s free!  Check it out!

We still haven’t seen what zombie Ronnie Raymond will look like as a Black Lantern.  However, if you are curious what other Black Lanterns look like, check out these sneak peeks: Superman (Golden Age from Earth-2), Aquaman, and Martian Manhunter.

If you are looking for some good Jason Rusch/Firestorm action, check out last week’s Justice League of America #32.  If you haven’t read the issue already, you can find a few preview pages featuring Firestorm at Newsarama.

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  1. Luke says:

    That cover is totally badass. It’s like a throwback to the old DC Horror/Mystery titles from the 70s.

  2. outburst says:

    Interesting. Looks like they’re all wearing costumes that have a passing resemblance to their alter egos. Can’t wait to see what Ronnie’s costume will look like. Hopefully, it won’t be jeans, a sweater and sneakers. 😉

  3. Ned Stacey says:

    I have about 150 of these to give away at the Cosmic Cat. Friday May 1st after 5:00 pm and Saturday after 10 am til they are gone.

  4. Latinegro says:

    I cannot wait for this!

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