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Showcase Presents: Firestorm The Nuclear Man


Written by Gerry Conway; Art by Al Milgrom, George Perez, Pat Broderick, and others; Cover by Al Milgrom

In this explosive, value-packed volume, witness the creation of Firestorm, the Nuclear Man! This collection features  Firestorm in battle against Killer Frost, the Pied Piper, Plastique, the Atomic Skull, Typhoon, and many other villains!  Collects FIRESTORM #1-5, DC COMICS PRESENTS #17 & #45, JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #179-180, BRAVE AND THE BOLD #172, stories from FLASH #289-304, and THE FURY OF FIRESTORM #1-9.

544 pages; Black & White; Softcover; $16.99 US

This volume is coming from DC Comics in the month of … well, probably the month of never.  Sorry, this isn’t an actual solicitation.  This is simply my wish for a SHOWCASE PRESENTS and some of my handiwork in Photoshop. Wouldn’t it be cool, though?  I gotta think it would sell at least as well as the ADAM STRANGE, METAMORPHO, or METAL MEN volumes of SHOWCASE PRESENTS.

We’ll just have to keep our fingers crossed that someday this will be a reality.

The SHOWCASE PRESENTS cover I put together above was inspired by this mock Firestorm Archives cover I came across.

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  1. Doug says:

    I’d buy it!

    Right now I’m still tracking down old Flash issues for the Firestorm backups. I’m planning on getting a custom hardcover made with pretty much the same lineup you list here, minus Fury 1-9.
    Fury will be a couple volumes in and of its own.

  2. Shag says:

    Making your own hardcover of those issues sounds like a great idea! The interesting thing about those comics is that all of them (even “DC Comics Presents” and “Brave & the Bold”) were written by Gerry Conway. So Firestorm is handled well in all of them.

    Thanks for commenting!

  3. Dixon says:

    Shame on you, Shag! You raised my hopes, only to mercilessly dash them. Here I was, filled with excitement, wondering how I could have missed any related Showcase solicitations… And the book doesn’t exist. Sigh. Someday. We can but hope. Someday.

  4. Frank Lee Delano says:

    Nice mock-up! The reason you won’t see an actual collection anytime soon is because all of the issues “collected” fall under DC’s old post-1976 royalty agreement. Unless creators wave a hefty contractually-guaranteed per-issue fee, the books won’t be reprinted… at least in the cheap Showcase format.

  5. outburst says:

    That’s a mean trick! 😉

  6. Ed says:

    You are the ultimate teaser Shag, you whore.
    I was reading with my jaw dropped and hoping to run to my local comic book store immediately, even if it was 6:30 in the morning, to buy this and then you released the snake out of the bag.
    Oh well. It will remain on my prayer list for now, right before my prayer for world peace. But you, you are off my prayer list. :)

  7. Shag says:

    Sorry to create anticipation, only to dash it against the rocks.

    Believe me, I wish it was true!

    And Frank did a good job summing up why this isn’t likely to see print anytime soon.

  8. Siskoid says:

    Grrr. You made me believe.

  9. Al Milgrom says:

    Hey guys–just found out about this site. Cool! Someone in charge asked (thru Spencer Beck) about a commission–as it happens, I did do a cover for Firestorm #6…if I can locate it, I’ll send a scan…Best–Al

  10. Shag says:

    Mr. Milgrom – Hello and thanks for stopping by! You are always welcome here! As the co-creator of Firestorm, it’s a real thrill to have you visit my site.

    I’ve dropped you an e-mail about possible commissions. I look forward to communicating with you on this. Thanks again for stopping by!

  11. Andrew Wahl says:


    It’s not nice to tease. Just. Not. Nice.

    Well done mock-up. And, yes, I’d buy that volume in a second. Hopefully, DC will be able to overcome the reprint fee problems they have with the contracts of the era so just such a volume can see print.


  12. Biff says:

    LOL! After Ronnie’s “return” in Blackest Night I finally decided to get my ‘Storm collection back (sold for beer in college), he’d been the FIRST character I got into as a kid that wasn’t a Super/Bat/JLA/Flash/Shazam!/JLA/Wonder Woman that I already had some idea of, we had a snow warning in Nashville and made that “OMG! We’ll never have enough milk to ride it out!” run to the supermarket next to the drug store I bought my comics at and since I’d already gotten everything I collected BUT needed to ride this storm out my own way I was allowed like five bucks to snatch and grab stuff I didn’t usualy read and that is how Firestorm 1 came into my hands, it, to me, was un-like ANY comic I’d ever read, I read it over and over that next day…to this day he’s my favourite character (in a tie with Conner Kent’s Superboy), ANYWAYS, after he rose in BN I had to do it…bought the t-shirt, the pint glass, 1-5 of the 70’s run, the DCPresents issue (missed the B&B and the JLA…thanks for the reminder!), and got FOF 1-25 and the FOF annuals 1 & 2…figuring I’d never see a Showcase…THEN I find this AMAZING site and see the mock-up! I almost lost it! LOL! Good one! I’m currently in the middle of the 6 part arc that introduces Firehawk…praying post-BN DC runs with a Ronnie/Jason merged Firestorm: Re-Birth…fingers crossed!


  13. Biff says:

    ALSO got all but like 3 of the Flash issues! Definitly want to grab up FOF 26 to 40 (think that was the graduation issue?) next BI run…Big ? though…the letter cols mention a Firestorm graphic novel…did that ever show up because I am really not remembering it?!?


  14. You got me. I was so excited I immediately went to DC Comics and Amazon to see when this was coming out!

    I was imagining that tasty Milgrom and Broderick art in black and white. I don;t Broderick ever did better work or had more fun. Maybe DC will be inspired by your glorious cover mock-up!


  15. Mark says:

    I would love to see this too though I knew it wasn’t true because I just checked on it again recently. I’m glad I just found your blog today.

  16. NickPheas says:

    I’d buy it the day it was released.

  17. Kello says:

    You had me going! I’ve been waiting for this type of collection since the return of Ronnie as a Black Lantern!

  18. Mateo says:

    I’d buy either or both! Also Captain Atom.

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